Star Wars stuff (spoilers)

very slow, rather boring, stilted acting, poor CGI

I hope it really improves

I think they went practical for the bike things to pay homage to the style of original Star Wars. But that just made the bikes as slow as the rugs, rather than as fast as the bikes would be.

There’s a few moments in this series where the creators have had too much focus being creative and paying homage and less on making a sharp and compelling story.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Boba Fett. So I had low expectations for this show. I always thought he was a bumbling idiot…… while everyone thought he was some badarse because he had cool armour.

I’m just enjoying learning more about Tatooine.

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They were paying homage George Lucas’ first movie American Graffiti.

It was out of place for Tatooine. They Would have suited Corrusant.


i didn’t think of that but nevertheless the look silly and the whole sequence was poorly executed.

all in all i think the writing and plotting are pretty stale for the most part. the most interesting stuff is the dream stuff. i’d be perfectly happy if that was the show to be honest.

All they needed to do was have boba chasing down bounties, with the care factor of this guy

instead we’re getting some chill and a reinvention of BF

One of the criticisms I have of Disney Star Wars is that they have way too many ‘throw away planets’.
They have introduced far too many planets, only to never hear of that planet again. Plus after 40+ years of Star Wars, these planets have never been mentioned in any cannon (and we are suppose to go along with the fact that it’s been there all this time).

They say they want to make the Galaxy bigger, but they’re missing out on telling stories about the important planets we care about.

It’s why I’m enjoying learning more about Tatooine.

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I’ve been enjoying TBOBF so far, even the flash backs but this weeks “chase” scene was cringe. All i saw was…


This is what I see when I watch Raimi’s Spider-Man. F*cking terrible movies.

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Not a bad episode last night. The good thing about having zero expectations for a show, is that I’m pleasantly surprised when fun things happen.

Yeah, it tied up a few loose ends, especially why Boba has gone soft. Looked like they used some of the concept art from the original Cheey to create a character for the bar scene.

Best episode yet

was nice to have a mid season episode of The Mandalorian to break things up

The ring world was awesome.

And a BD droid.

And the rod thing the Jawwas acquired was the rod they used to try and stop the garbage compactor in the original Star Wars.


All hail the darksaber

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Loved that scene at the abattoir, even though it looked like it got out of hand.

Shows how much better the storyline’s have been in Mando Vs Fett. In reality it was a a trailer for next season mando. He has to go back to mandalore, find his way into the mines and the underwater sea below. Plus he has the gift for Grogu.

It was an episode-long trailer for Mandalorian Season 3.

Still good though. The pod-racing track scene shows they can actually do a proper action/chase scene. They just chose not to with the cyber powerangers.

There’s been plenty of Easter eggs. Last week there was a creature in the bar during the fight that looked like the original sketches of Chewbacca. And theres a lot of sound effects that from the original trilogy, which is a nice touch.

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Yes. That was very very yes.

Next week’s finale could be special.



What an episode!!!

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