Star Wars stuff (spoilers)

Dave Filoni wrote and directed this one

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Some exceptional little links into the clone wars tv show.

“I’m a friend of the family.”
“You’re just like your father.”
(Annakin’s apprentice)

Cad Bane perfectly brought to live action.

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For me, seeing as it’s a space western rip off series:

The good

  • revisiting the gunslinger and the final scene with a great villain I look forward to seeing again.

The bad

  • Luke just comes across as a melancholy axe murdering accountant
  • they introduced too many characters and possible story arcs in one hit.

The ugly

  • the mando Grogu love story,
  • wait I thought this was Boba Fett series not Mando 3

My theory is there won’t be a Mandalorian season 3

Story arcs…
The ranger was from season 2 of Mando. So was Ahsoka. So that was more drawing together existing story arcs. The Avengers assemble vibe.
Cad Bane, the badass in the hat, was drawn from the animated show. But I think he’s effective as a mysterious bad guy.
Grogu and Luke will need to see how this plays out in the finale to justify the screen time in this show.
But yeah, they’ve definitely sidelined Boba in his own show in order to get Mando to save his ■■■.

The Mando/Grogu relationship makes perfect sense in my mind. They’ve got an adopted father son dynamic, so it’s a perfectly believable situation for both to be feeling the loss of the other.

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Well, the last 2 episodes have made up for that.

You don’t think he’s gonna go back to mandalore, find his way underground and seek redemption…this is the way style?

I get all that, just think it was too much for one episode, when just a couple of snippets and Easter eggs are enough to keep it going.

I’m still laughing about those ‘mods’ on scootered, and the scene the other week. These are Bobas heavies!!!

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Those mods were just so dodgy.

Personally I didn’t stress too much about the episode feeling overly busy. It felt like it was building and paying off stuff that had been previously introduced. It was all critically needed to make the finale work.

But I get why you’d feel that way.

And fark Luke off for making Grogu choose between the armour and the lightsaber. We all know Luke dogged his training, tried to kill his father and pashed his sister, and he turned out ok…


You guys think Cobb is dead?

Nope. I reckon they want to use him in future series. But his deputy, who I think was Luke’s mate, is very seriously having a bad day.

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What the feeling on the deep fake of young Luke? I think they did a pretty good job. Didn’t have any breaking suspension of disbelief moments personally.

Mandalorian season 3 is suppose to be coming out in December.

I think they’re only starting to shoot it now.

Obi-wan is rumoured to be out in April/May.

It looked really really good. I was so impressed with it. It really does open up all possibilities now for Star Wars.

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Well I was only debunked in mere minutes :joy:

if it makes you feel any better, mando 3 was reported before book of boba.

Spoilers for the animated shows, but here’s a post about some of the links to the animated content which is heavily influencing the live action shows.

I don’t think she’ll be introduced next week, but the Bad Batch animated show is focused on Boba’s cloned sister. Considering how much they’ve drawn into live action from the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series, I expect her to make her way into a future season. Would be interesting for orphan Boba to meet his blood sister who he doesn’t know exists.

What looks to be happening is building the foundation of Thrawn as the big bad guy. He’s a strategic genius who generally crushes all opposition through pure intellect. Boba’s sister Omega is an enhanced clone with extremely gifted tactical planning skills.

The other cards being played are the young Mandolorian girl and young Jedi from Rebels becoming live action in the Ahsoka series. They’ve been cast and look like great choices.

The crime syndicate in the Solo film is also being entangled into the series. That was run by Darth Maul, who live action viewers would know from episode 1. Maul also led the Mandalorian sect that Mando was raised by. Interesting layer of evil to that group.

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Mandalorian Season 3 is looking increasingly likely that they will go back to Mandalore. It’s just as likely that they will have Bo-katan Kryze who will join him to claim back Mandalore.

It’s also likely that Sabine Rhen from Rebels will also be involved in this.

All the Disney plus series are linked, and all of them have Jon Favreau & Dave Filoni as show runners.

Thrawn is an interesting one. I’ve read all the Thrawn books by Timothy Zahn which have came out over the last 10 years. And he is actually a good guy who works for the Empire to try save his planet from being destroyed from the Empire. In the Clone wars Filoni made him evil, which he has never been in the books.


I wouldn’t call Thrawn evil, but definitely an extremely competent leader for the Empire. He’s never gone full evil, just been very cunning and calculated in defeating the show’s protagonist.

I guess the subtlety gets lost in the adaption to a young adult targeted show. It’s a remix, adapted in a way that suits the needs of the show. But I’m glad the shows are starting to draw heavily on the immense about of stories told in the legends era novels.

Mark Hamill has aged well.