Star Wars stuff (spoilers)

Honestly, did not like it.

The voice synthesizer they’ve come up with is accurate, but it gets rid of a hell of a lot of inflexion and enunciation that make good dialogue good. Hamill never had the greatest range playing Luke back in the day but this doesn’t do him any favours. I think it also reflects in the lack of depth in his facial expressions, broadly they’re pretty on point - but they just lack complexity.

I think the tech is awesome, but I think when you lean so heavily on a character who plays such a vital role in other characters’ development, it comes off pretty disjointed.

Like at the end of the episode, where he’s like to Grogu hey you can pick your mates or the jedi but you can’t have both - said in the most cold and callous way possible, that might have come off a bit less robotic without it

Luke making the same mistake as the Jedi during the Republic.

Awesome episode! Loved the cross over with Clone Wars and Rebels.

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Compare it to the cameo in the Mandalorian. It’s a pretty remarkable improvement.

The voice is Hamill’s, but clearly adjusted.

Clearly not the final state of this technology, but personally I found it pretty remarkable. It’s gone from a gimmick to a character that I can watch without thinking of the VFX. I hadn’t noticed the voice range, but that doesn’t invalidate your reaction.

Going to be interesting to see where this lands in a couple of years of refinement.

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They hired the guy who re-made Luke’s appearance in the Mandalorian from YouTube.

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Maybe I’m being too critical since the voice is based on dialogue from Hamill in the OG trilogy and he has that whimsical Luke voice the whole time lol

But don’t get me wrong, the potential for further development is exciting and perhaps a bit scary

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It’s an awkward ethical slope.

Hamill voiced that episode, but I assume they used his younger recordings to AI the old voice into the young.

They don’t need the older actor. In fact I think it would be easier to do it with a double, like Sebastian Stan. But having Hamill involved gives it some heart.


It’s 1000% better than in the Irishman.

Guess the quality of this convergence will keep improving.

It had me looking up who played Luke in the episode.

Started watching the Mandalorian with my son.

After the first Episode, he’s like “umm why isn’t there any Jedi in this show??”

Very good point. He compared Star Wars without Jedi, like Harry Potter without Wizards. :laughing:

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i am loving this series

being back in a universe with luke is such nostalgia ■■■■ that i cannot get enough of

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Image quality was bloody good, but watching this and the dialogue made Hayden Christensen look like gods gift to acting by comparison.

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Going to be an interesting progression. This was their second attempt at a deep fake character. I’m sure they’ll be aware of the weaknesses with the performance and target that for the next outing.

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Are we going to see Darth Maul again do you think?

Ah not in The Mandalorian or Book of Boba Fett. He had a good character arc from Clone Wars to Rebels. Although not sure if they are going to continue on from ‘Solo’.

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I would say no, but now that they’re exploring the Pyke Syndicate then Maul’s Shadow Collective might not be far off

E: actually now that I think about it, maybe we will - they showed us the Hutt twins for a reason. Chekhov’s gun and all that

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Here’s the relevant scene from Rebels that answers your question if you’re interested.


Have lost interest in the series.

Have seen Luke,Mando,Ashoka Tano,Gorgu scenes tho. just give a me Luke tv series already Disney. the deep fake of Hamil looks way better than what we saw in Mando

Those secnes alone has crapped all over book of Boba Fett. was never a huge fan Boba I got that fix with Mandolorian

If you come at the Boba Fett series knowing that it’s not actually about Fett (who realistically was never actually that interesting), and instead is more of a staging ground to setup other parts of the Universe - it becomes a lot more palatable.

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True at the end of the day there wasn’t a need for a Fett series imo. Mando is basicly like Boba expect way more bad ■■■ and cooler.

I’m really excited for Ashoka Tano series tho.

I want the Luke series to be set during the rebuilding of the jedi order with Mara Jade

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Jazz riff brain dump post…

I was pleasantly surprised how much screen time Luke got, considering the work required to put him on screen. So good chance we see a fair bit more of him in the future. I agree that it’s some of the most engaging aspects of the tv production, but I’m also enjoying the rest.

I don’t think we will get a Luke show. More have him interwoven into other shows. But we will see his academy develop.

Really looks like they are building into a Rebels sequel with the Ahsoka show. Thrawn as the big bad, bringing Rebels animated characters into live action. Build out the universe with the Rangers show, or whatever that becomes.

The Kenobi series and Andor are set much earlier in the timeline compared to Mandalorian / Boba Fett. They do look good.

Another interesting thing is the Fallen Order game is canon. The character model was based off the actor that voices the Jedi in the game. He can bring that game character into the live action shows without any CGI. Having a BD droid on the tv show was a nice little nod.

Then there’s Bad Batch. That looks like a vehicle to introduce Omega, Boba’s sister. Also a fair bit of cloning backstory.

Why Boba matters is he’s a clone. His sister is a clone. The reincarnation of Palpatine was a clone. It’s going to tell the story of how Palpatine was brought back from the dead.


Just finished episode 5

Absolutley loved this episode hands down the best one. loved the Naboo Starfighter the whole secene of mando rebulding it and then giving it a test flight was bad ■■■.

Off to watch episode 6