State Of Origin 2018


More toe than the average camel!


Great kick


Would still love this back in our football.


I remember now why I hated playing league so much. The big hits hurt when you give or receive


Was good at the time but no thanks now




That’s better


Top shooting there…


No Try would be just.

WTF was that call when the ball was raked?? Has this guy got eyes?


Dropped it. Can’t let it go like that


Those hot and spicy nuggets are frustratingly average


If that was about the call^,. . it was dislodged by NSW


There is an expectation of some level of ball security. Gagai dropped it looking for a penalty. The NSW action wasn’t enough to dislodge the ball


That’s a great take


Disagree completely


I say again. Missed 3 tackles in the lead up to that try. Very ordinary.


Feel free


Watch the replay.


I have. Think the ref got it right. He saw the movement and told Gagai he had to hold onto it. Every tackle someone holds the ball. Can’t let it go like that. They stamped that out years ago.


why kick that. ado-carrs positioning was spot on