State Of Origin 2018


A 3rd poor call by the Ref now, … starting to think the fix is in.


Love the commentators. The difference is Queenslands tackling. Meanwhile Queensland have 36 missed tackles til 18. Still NSW not tackling well enough


Good, good, good.


Almost an actual Try too that time, … but for the uncalled FWD pass.

Make that 5 NSW “Lucky” calls.


That last pass to Addo-Carr looked a smidge forward.


Addo Carr was $2 for anytime try. Well done


Just a little but great try non the less. Qld right hand defence :face_vomiting:


Waiting for Finding Nino to suggest we trade Francis for Addo-Carr.


May as well call that non try a try too eh???

Ah nup, … Video replay caught you out there ref …


NSW been clearly the best team tonight. Queensland have never looked likely. One try from an amazing kick and one from an intercept. They have missed dozens of tackles and been split open regularly. Claiming conspiracy is crazy.


Watched a bit of the old VFL/SANFL state of Origin on Fox.
■■■■■■ hell, it was a good game back then.
So many one on ones.
So fast.


Spot on. You’re going to be lucky to win a regular NRL match with 54 missed tackles, no chance in origin.


Seeing Terry play Full Back and owning it was nice, too.


Gee Tedesco was brilliant


Wanganeen/Ricciotto/Brown/Calthorpe/Jarmans on now…


anyone think it was like watching essendon try to lay a tackle anytime nsw got on a run ?


I wonder if Carey regrets dodging SOO.


Watching Franklin play SOO…
Kicks his fourth.

We should have this.
I don’t care if it’s an exhibition match.


It was more than just a little. It was bizarre that the comms said nothing about it and it was bizarre because the touch judge was in perfect position to see it. Blues would have won still but it was a bizarre non-call.


Don’t think he does. Have heard him mention several times that winning a flag was far more important than playing SOO.

Pretty much my thoughts aswell, if one of our blokes did a serious injury playing SOO I’d want the club to sue the ■■■■ off the AFL