State Of Origin 2018


Yeah I’m a one eyed Blues fan but that was a mile forward. Still doesn’t make up for plenty of other shockers Queensland’s way over the years though


Thats what I was thinking, you could see it went forward, but about another 12 of those might square the ledger for the favorable calls QLD usually get.


its about the action. if the pass leaves your hands in a backward motion your fine. often on a lofted ball like that it will drift forward.

i’ll give you it was close. but not blatant.


I’m interested in SOO, don’t think it will ever happen again but if it did it has to be proper SOO, and ■■■■ off this Allies ■■■■ too that when SOO started to die off.

SA vs VIC vs WA. Two teams play each year, the winner plays the team that did not play the next year.

Not the god awful ■■■■ Bob Murphy was suggesting in the ■■■■■■■ Age today (someone has watched too many fucking Pro Bowls without picking up on the fact those games are trash).


Go see a State of Origin live in Brisbane or another at the Dome, if they ever did it again.

The atmosphere is fantastic, even beats a GF in many ways. The game held at the Dome years ago nearly lifted the roof. Somehow they squeezed 55,000 in, and it was an event to remember.


Yep, Origin is a very special event. Absolutely electric.


Slats already showing how much we missed him last game.



Ha! Called it a drag, … reckon he kept momentum there.

Eat it Bloos



Oh Bullshit


Ha, in Bris and didn’t even know it was on. Now I know what the blokes over the back fence are squawking about, and why my boy’s mate had his qld shirt on (WGAF)


Take that one away



Oh Billy, … it’s good to have you back!!

Aaaand converted this time.

QLD 10 Other guys Zero.


Funny that all the queenslanders aren’t complaining about Chambers pass there. Passed behind the line and received in front of it. Commentators haven’t mentioned it. Almost like it wasn’t a conspiracy at all.


Pay that, … nice stepping






Bluddy decent kick that too.


Slater’s impact early was unbelievable.


I just wanted to use the pic. :grinning:


Penalty try!!!