Steven motlop

dont want. A lot.

If he ■■■■■■ grew up and got really fit he would be the recruit of the year. Has all the natural talent in the world.

But he won’t, Geelongs club and culture has created so many fantastic players.

If they couldn’t do it, doubt it’s possible.

Don’t be so quick to assume they are good at everything, or more actually that guys pulling the strings are as good as the people they followed.

Part of me thinks that he could really benefit from a change in scenery, ala Betts (and to a lesser extent, Garlett). Tons of talent, coming off a poor year but can be a genuine match-winner and wouldn't cost the world.

Would definitely look at him, as we could do with some more pace class around goals (and it would also allow us to give more midfield time to guys like Fanta, Colyer & Tippa). Depends on what the asking price would be and whether we think he’s mentally up to it.

Plus there is two sides to every story :wink:


Would swap Kommer for him… No-one else though.

Lazy and selfish. No way

I traded him out of my fantasy keeper league for pick 7… genuine lols.


Geelong can’t unload him quick enough.

Was good when they were flying.

Now…not so much…

Will anyone want him?

Good Lord!

Let’s just say, his value may have dropped ‘a tad’ after his 2 Finals performances.

He’s soft. Perfect fit for Richmond

Couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I saw a Motlop thread. “Someone is seriously gonna suggest picking up this spud” was my first thought.

Do not want. Cats fans I know don’t rate him. Downhill skier of the highest order.

A true professional:

Would rather keep Dempsey, at least he has heart.

Masterful troll, Darling.

A true professional:

Makes Ty Zantuck look in peak condition

Fark. Off.