Stoopid bloody mobile phones

I know what you’re gonna say, OK? And I will NEVER EVER EVER send a text message again without checking it thoroughly.

I have a friend who pays a lawnmower man to do her lawns. But because of COVID19 restrictions he can’t come. She’s been complaining that her lawns and nature strips were looking shabby.

So last night, she sends me this gleeful text with a pic of her Dad who, knowing her predicament, walked his lawnmower around (he lives around the corner) and mowed her nature strip and front lawn.

I replied immediately with a smiley emoji and the words “What a great Dad!”

Guess what? My bloody stoopid phone added a word that I did not type!!! “Sometimes!”

Fairdinkum technology can get you freaking hung!!!

Can some tech head please tell me in what effed up universe does this happen and why??

I’d sue the barstools but they would just turn around and say “Check your messages before you hit send.” :rage: :rage: :rage:


Don’t send sms. They are lame…

Get em on whatsapp if ya have too text or give them a call.

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Don’t drink and text VD


You just made me think of something. I am gonna edit my original post and add a soundtrack. Listen to the words, he practically says the opposite of what you just said. :laughing:

Did this really warrant a topic of its own.

Oh I’m so sorry, Draper, please explain precisely what qualifies as a general gibberish topic so I don’t make such a terrible mistake again. :roll_eyes:

vinnie loves a thread.

but the what annoys you thread series is probably appropriate.

Bloody hell, you sound like whining old boilers. :rage:

Can anyone remember their first analogue mobile number? Started with 019…

howd you cope with switching to t9 typing old blud?

Never take direction from a disenchanted millennial.

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So what, the message said “What a great dad! sometimes”?

What’s the issue? Why do i care?

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It was a seamless transition.

I had had a boss car phone in my 2nd hand Madaz 626 hatch in 1989. No one called but I felt really important.

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Yeah it was the same as my current number, except changed to 0409…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Have you been drinking?

Your Dad is a great Dad sometimes, Lance.

For Lance’s sake. Dads are either great Dads or they are not. When you say to someone their Dad is great sometimes it is kinda like saying “When he’s not an arzehole.”

Sheesh why do I have to explain myself all the time? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You keep being you VD. Don’t worry about these guys.

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Luv ya, Davo.

In a very manly way, of course. :wink:

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