Stupidest thing you’ve ever done

I joined blitz. And had to create 20 characters to explain it.


On the plus side, your ten year sentence is almost done.

So it is.
Do I get a gold pen

Do you have your pen license?

Just relinquished the HB 3 (graphite).

Also blitz forgot my birthday so can someone roll everything into one.

Re the thread title…I may come to regret opening this thread

I thought there’d be an avalanche.
A stupid one.

When I was a kid I jumped off our garage roof with a large beach umbrella to see whether I could be like Mary Poppins. I wasn’t and fractured my ankle. Lesson learned you cannot fly using an umbrella.


Replied to any of @sorfed’s posts in the climate change thread


What’s the bet people are in here after we lose to Carlton to be 3-8 saying “I started following Essendon”

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Well they say confession is good for the soul.

When I was much younger I used to go skiing a few times each year to Buller or Hotham. This one time I was going with some work friends on a trip organised though my work’s social club. It included accommodation for the weekend and a coach to take us all there and back.

I struggled in to work on Friday morning with my skis, boots, all my ski gear and clothes in a couple of bags. Set them all down behind my desk ready to head off that evening.

Except I was a week too early!

Rather than lug everything back home I left it all behind my desk. My stupidity was soon broadcast throughout the office.

For the entire week, whenever anyone walked by my desk, they would make a swoosh-swoosh noise of skis on snow.

Funny bastards!


I once tried to demonstrate how you could catch a frisbee without using your hands. My idea was to catch it between your elbows. End result was I smashed my funny bone into my funny bone, taking out both arms. A terrible blend of intense pain and self disappointment.


I’d like to think of myself as pretty open, but none of my top ten are going in here.


Was thinking the same thing.

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Saw the thread title

Thought of a post

Opened thread to reply

…beaten to it

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You can absolutely fly with an umbrella.

It’s the duration of the flight that people misjudge.


You just needed a bigger umbrella

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Not with that attitude you can’t.


Knife in the toaster - was curious to see if it was as bad as everybody thinks.


Do a flip!