Stupidest thing you’ve ever done


“Your mum”

How has this taken 20 posts?


After I crashed out none of the other kids had their turn.

Lesson learned - make sure you are the second or third person not first at trying things similar to that event.


On NYE 1999, 3 of my mates and I decided a nude run would be the best way to end the millenium. We were hosting a party with about 120 people.
I was 2nd in the line running through the crowd when my mate in front suddenly sidestepped a chair. I decided to hurdle it but misjudged, tripped and landed unceremoniously in front of my boss and his wife. All I heard was his laughing voice yelling “He looks like an F’ing bike rack!”
I also stuffed my elbow and needed 2 weeks off work which was fun presentimg the med cert to the boss.

*Not the stupidest thing I’ve done but one with a funny twist in my opinion.


When I was a kid there was some vacant land beside our house. I thought I’d set this massive bush on fire briefly and then quickly pat it out. Patting out a thorn bush was much harder than expected.


Did you feel a bit of a prick?


You did better than this bloke though.


As part of a O-week scavenger hunt in 1st year uni, i cat-walked up and down Portmans in the Burke St Mall with nothing more than a micro mini and a boob tube+.

It was worth a considerable number of points … so had no choice! :yum:

*Red mini and black top … so its ok!


I once married civil engineer, the natural enemy of the tradesman.


Stupid me is probably missing the joke, but there are only 12 characters in your user name.


Presumably referring to his 19 other aliases.


Civil ones are fine. It’s the volatile ones you have to watch.


she eventually just became an engineer I presume


What was that bloke hoping to do?


crossing Kensington Road


Not marrying Sir Paul?


That netted her much more than she’d bargained foot.


Went to the second day of the Melbourne test.


Can you get your money back when it gets to 600


I need to visit the mental health thread after reading the climate change thread.
Just goes round and round in circles.


Has anybody gone too far yet… Oh, I see.