Stupidest thing you’ve ever done


Shiet, I got plenty more worse than that :ok_hand:


So do I…

I ain’t sharing any of it, though.


Except that one time…


But you’ve given us leeway to imagine how filthy you’ve been now. You sicken me.


And my image was so squeaky clean until now…


You actually do? Mate, I was only sh*t stirrin’.


Wanted investors for a parachute suit for aviators. Didn’t think he’d get funding if he used a dummy. Was probably on the verge of bankruptcy and thought the publicity would save him.

Clearly not an advisable crowd funding strategy.


At band camp…


I suppose DJ thread is kinda like band camp.

No flutes though.


I’m not willing to break this thread.


He didn’t go crash/bang he went an almighty splaaaaaaatttttttttttttt!!!


I’m fascinated that it’s still an argument


Ha! Same here.


About 8 years ago, we had a shopping trolley left on our front lawn.
Had finished an afternoon session of beers with my brother and his girlfriend. As they were leaving i decided to pick it up above my head.
I managed to lift it way up, but then the front that opens up slammed shut on my thumb and thumbnail, causing me to lower the trolley quickly and as it hit the ground, it slammed my thumb again.
Didn’t break my thumb but my nail grew a weird way for about 2 years.
■■■■ it hurt and my thumb was sore for a few weeks.


Not the stupidest thing I’ve done, but not an hour ago I was using my hair clippers and, having finished my trimming etc., I tried to turn them off - first with the cold tap, then the hot tap. Couldn’t work out why the clippers wouldn’t stop. Idiot.


She eventually became an ex wife.


bonzofox that you?


I think he’s at least one, maybe two, up on me


Like anything in life, you always need a practice run.


You just sift through till you find a keeper.