Stupidest thing you’ve ever done


Ours wasn’t necessarily jackass inspired, I guess it’s just young male stupidity.

Your mate who bungee jumped is especially lucky.

I have 3 boys now, so I’m dreading the late teens / early 20’s. I like to think they won’t do the same stupid ■■■■ that I did, but the reality is they’ll probably all do similar things that put themselves in danger, one way or another :see_no_evil:


My daughter told us she was spearfising with two male friends. It was dusk and she was about 800 metres off shore. They were at a place called Trigg (Perth metro) which has more than a few white pointers traversing the area. The boys had got a few fish and gave my daughter the job of holding the catch bag. Bleeding fish at dusk nearly a km off the coast in a spot renowned for shark sightings. She eventually twigged, dropped the bag and swam back in…I still get angry at the collective stupidity of that one.


About 10 years ago, as a 20 year old, I had just had my ute at a perfomance shop and a heap of work done. I got to work early and so did another fella, and I said to him il take ya for a spin cobber? Sure, he said

Was sitting at a set of lights and they went green and I proceeded to hang the ute sideways around the corner, smoke bellowing behind. A cop saw me, and proceeded to put his flashing lights on. I thought I’m gonna lose my licence here, fuckkkkkkk. Snapped it back a gear, and thought I’ve got you, no way your catching me.

Was doing about 150 through the back roads 9f freo, clipped a roundabout, lost control and hit a tradies ute on the side of the road. Fkd my ute, fkd his. Cops came, arrested me and that was that

6 month licence suspension, 5k damages to other ute, $1500 fine, and the tray on my ute waa cactus. Fair to say It wasn’t me best decision


I’ve also done some really dumb ■■■■ after a few benders, like crashing into my mates car in my driveway after no sleep for a day and a half and a million beers

I’ve had a shot of methanol too before from the racecar. That wasn’t great

I also shaved a workmates eyebrows off one time that lead into a huge all in brawl and one trashed house.

I could go on forever


Another from me. After the homebake festival one year, some mates and I decided to start ‘street fishing’ in Kings X about 12AM. This involved tying a $50 note onto a piece of fishing line, hiding behind something or someone on the street, and then pulling the money back as some poor ■■■■■■■ bent down to pick it up. We were all on acid at the time, and you can only imagine the state we were all in, and the types of people were ‘got’ walking down the cross in the early hours of the morning. For the most part people thought it was pretty funny, but looking back, we were extremely lucky we didn’t get out heads kicked in by the wrong people.


I thought I had done stupid, but my life has been pretty staid in comparison to some of you guys.


Looking back, driving ■■■■■■ was something I greatly regret as a young un. I felt totally in control, even better than when I was sober.

I made an agreement with a lady once to share a taxi home, but when we couldn’t find one I just thought stuff it, I haven’t had a beer for a few hours, I’ll wind up the datto and set sail for a frolic.

Got to the first set of lights and the blue and reds came up behind us. Pulled over and got breathoed and just resigned to the next year or so on the pushie. .053

Cop looks at me with a closer look as I was waiting for the rubber gloves when he said “clarky?”, it was a bloke from my year at school. Even let me drive home.
Alone as it turns out, as the chick I nearly surrendered my licence for had bolted.

I thought all the excitement would have added to the fiddley business.


Reckon the people imitating Bird Box should contribute to this thread.


Is it a dumb question to ask why is Sandra bullock the highest paid female actress in the world


Apparently Jen Lawrence is these days. Does that answer your question?


Dumb as a box of hammereses


She’s a pretty decent actress.

Watched her in a terrible B Grade movie the other night, and she was very good. I think it was called Premonition. Great ending though


I’ve had almost exactly the same story except I never knew what I blew and was sent home packing by a cop I went to school with. He walked up and looked over the shoulder of the cop that tested me and said “Gillsy! Get your fkn ■■■■ home. Now.” Had had a couple of Guiness and drove home from a pub after meeting up with the girlfriend at the time.


A stupid thing. When I was 9 I travelled to Europe with my dad, really just backpacking around for five weeks. There was a bomb on our TGV train and the bomb squad came to the paddock we had stopped in, we nearly starved in Switzerland when our funds ran low, an French man collapsed next to me on the floor of a restaurant and vomited all over my shoe, Gypsies in Spain tried to mug us, we were possibly drugged and our bags stolen from under our heads on the night train in northern Italy - all of that happened, but possibly the stupidest thing happened on the way there, and for the first few hours after we arrived…
I was pretty excited by flying on the 747, and really early in the flight I discovered that every time I pressed the little button with a lady symbol on it, a hostess would appear and I could ask for a cup of tea. Going through my fatkid phase, I’d order my tea sweet with milk, and each time I’d order a tea I’d also score an assorted cream. I was happy, with the QANTAS kids book, and the headphones playing - but I don’t think I got any sleep, probably because of the caffeine in all the tea I was drinking. I don’t know how far into the flight it was, but at some point I decided that I would see how many sweet milky cups of tea I could get the hostesses to bring me. Sort of like Boonie, but with tea.
Well by the time we touched down at Heathrow, I’d consumed 24 cups of tea and at least that many assorted creams.
Fast forward 2 or 3 hours and the scene is our room at the Tavistock hotel - certainly the fanciest place we stayed at for the entire trip. I had developed such an explosive case of diarrhoea from the volume of tea I had consumed, that I kind of erupted like an inverted volcano. Sheets, towels, bath mat, even I think some curtains - it all got tainted by the flux and ejecta of a force nine shitstorm. My poor dad just had to make do, mop up around the edges, and stay mainly out of the way.
The next morning dad piles up what looks like a mountain of smeared and browned sheets, towels, mat and blankets, ruined tracksuit pants, puts a 20 pound note on top with a very short note: just ‘sorry’.
I remember dad closing the door carefully on the way out, and then we sort of hurriedly left out into the freshness of the exhaust fumes on the street.
I waddled on, a slightly thinner but wiser fatkid.


No I meant I’m the hammers