Stupidest thing you’ve ever done




Absolutely not, very poor strategy.


Wow! Maybe the first pioneer for wing suits, yep have to make them better than that.


First one that comes to a head, is opening a bottle of Homebrew with my teeth at my 30th Birthday party, which was fancy dress so everyone had to come as something beginning with B.

The top cracked and sliced my bottom lip in half, went to the bathroom trying to hold it together thinking it would be ok, but no, so my EX’s sister dressed as a Bumblebee and me as a Bobby rushed off to AE, absolutely remarkably I was in and out within 40 mins ( and the hospital is only 5 mins down the road ) they did a stellar job of the stitching as well. She was quite impressed by our costumes and asked if we were kinky, made me smile when she stitched so it would look good.

Returned back to the party and no one realised I had gone ( not sure if that is good :thinking: )


Or two


Did you come back as “blood”


Very good! Left as blood came back as a …buttonhole ??


Not me but a mate and I were Ice climbing one day and for some unknown reason he decided to lick the ice.


Distributor or addict


Using his tongue as a safety harness?? :smirk:


Captain Blood.


Dumb and dumber hey?


As an ‘old’ but still alive ice climber… that made me lose some wine when I was trying drink it.


Something very stupid and in hindsight not funny from my early 20s.

At a pub with mates in Byron Bay and had had a few. Got chatting with a girl and as things progressed was asked to come along to a party with her and her friends. Said a quick goodbye to my mates and rushed out. The plan was for her friends to drive while we sat in the back. Said friends were drugged and drunk and took off doing 80-100kmph up a hilly road with no lights. Somehow we got to the residence at which point the male driver promptly threw up and passed out in the driver’s seat!

To this day I have no idea how we did not crash the car or worse.


So a pretty normal night out until the fun police went nuclear then.


I just sprayed my throat with screen cleaner instead of difflam. I don’t recommend it.


I used to live in a top floor apartment (not too high), and after being up all night partying my mate and I decided it would be a good idea to jump into the bushes just to the right of our driveway. I got up on the rail and whilst I was up there about to jump, a neighbour across the road asked what I was doing - in my state the only thing I could think to say was “experiments!” and I jumped. No damage done, but god knows what my neighbour was thinking, I would always avoid him from there on after!

My mate went next and he jumped into the bushes, he also successfully navigated the leap. However once we finally ran out of steam and fell asleep, my mate realised he had ■■■■■■ his back. Could barely move and had to take time off work - he wasn’t right for weeks. Luckily I came out unscathed (minus the brain cells) but later we saw down in the bushes that there were garden stakes all through the garden, we so could have impaled ourselves or anything. Such a stupid, stupid thing to do, but hey - seemed like a good idea at the time.


I’ve done many, many stupid things. But the stories suitable for here have all been told a decade or more ago.


As a youngster, I started jumping from the top of the side fence, moved onto the garage roof. How the hell I didn’t break anything, is a miracle. I have no idea why I did it, it was just fun, stupid and dumb.


I don’t know for sure whether Jackass was a thing yet, but always assumed it must have been when a bunch of younger crew amongst us started doing similar things.

A couple of the most memorable, was big Tim, a lump of a bloke, decided he would Bungee jump from the Mezzanine floor of the A frame house we were partying at for the Summer.

Leg Rope firmly Velcroed round one ankle, and the other end secured to the handrail, he jumped, came to end of the rope, which duly snapped, and he went headfirst onto the ONE mattress they had laid down to break his fall. Shattered collar bone and broken shoulder, full cast with the rod to hold the arm locked in full plaster for 6 months.
So lucky not to be a Paraplegic, it’s not funny.

The other was when we were going to go for a Ski/Skurf. and James decided he’d boogie board towed on the Ski Rope behind the Boat, which was behind the Hi Lux, which was doing 30 K’s down the main st of Inverloch, … pizzed (of course)

Came off, lost all the skin between feet and knees on both legs, and then some, and a dislocated shoulder for good measure, there he was, laying in the middle of the shops area of A’Beckett street on a Sunday arvo at the height of Summer, … about 300 shocked people just shaking their heads. Fk I laughed.

4 weeks in Hospital, skin (and IIRC a bone) graft, then 3 months in bandages and home rest later, he was out doing the same stupid shitt again during the Easter Hol’s.

Yes, … both still alive (I think)