Succession Season 4 Spoiler THREAD (May contain traces of spoilers)

Despite what I just said in the other post not expecting this. More the province of b-grade daytime soap.

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Yeah I wouldn’t like that ending. To much, it was all a dream.

Kendall wakes up: “Wait, it was all just a dream?”

Logan: “yes son. It was all just a dream.”

Kendall: “So none of it happened? You didn’t die? No Menken, no Mattson no gojo, no family backstabbing?”

Logan: “No son.”

Kendall: “So I didn’t kill that kid?”

Logan: “Oh no, that still happened.”

Colin: [menacing] “I know you.”

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The Grim Weeper.

Farkin Shiv… Not sure I buy her motivations, but damn.

Pretty decent finale, quite happy for Tom to be the one on the throne (sorta) at the end. He was probably the most capable of the bunch.

Poor Kendall. All he has left now is billions of dollars.


Revenge/pay-back is a pretty strong motivator. Clear, too, that Roman was not unhappy with the outcome for similar reasons.

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But Mattson was the one who farked her.

I think it had more to do with Tom.

But yes, I think Roman just kind of wanted it all to go away.

Yes, but she also stopped Ken taking over.

She’d get closer to the seat of power by continuing the marriage of convenience with Tom.

Didn’t see that end coming



Tom stickering Greg was gold too.


The Greg v Tom slap fight was better than Clegane-Bowl in GOT.


Imagine having an abusive, controlling parent like Logan Roy?

And he’s actually the pick of your parents.

Caroline is horrible.

Great ending.

Roman the only sibling who seems happy, and probably the only one who deserves it.

I reckon Kieran Culkin in the final 4-5 episodes has put in a better performance than anyone has through the entire series.


Called it, told you Shiv would get ■■■■■■ and they would all lose

Although, they ‘lost’ but they still made billions and billions of dollars

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Logan always said that they were not serious people and he was right.

It was a solid finish to an outstanding series.


But they didn’t get the one thing the wanted (except Roman, who never wanted it).

They landed the ending really well.

Thats a quote that’s stuck with me the moment Logan said it.

It’s absolutely spot on. None of the siblings are killers. Roman never wanted it, Shiv has no self confidence and Kendall is just ultimately pathetic.