Supercoach 2021

Working on a first draft team now.

Is anyone up for doing a supercoach draft or league?

Only 43 days to go!!


yup for sure.

I’d be up for a cash league as well.

sounds good

I’ll join if there’s a blitz league…

Me too. I must keep my streak of bottom of the table mediocrity going!


I’m in.

I’m in fellas.

Relevant Bombers this year;


  • Zach Merrett (premo)
  • Dys Heppell (fallen premo)
  • Jye Caldwell (breakout, priced at 65 ave.)


  • Archie Perkins (job secure(?) rookie)
  • Nik Cox (job secure(?) rookie)
  • Zach Reid (job secure(?) rookie)
  • Harrison Jones (rookie)
  • Jordan Ridley (if you’re brave enough to think scaling didn’t boost him too much)
  • Kyle Langford (possible breakout FWD)
  • Andrew McGrath (priced at 95 ave. - higher cieling?)
  • Ned Cahill (if plays in defense for 22 games, priced at 30 ave.)

Can’t pick them all - and obviously some are in the speculative category for a reason - but there’s more here than most years.


Heppell is cheap

Bit rude not to have Big Sammy Draper as relevant

Draft 1, just throwing some names in there.


Please tell me you are taking the p*ss with all the ess players hahahaha.

I have had a blitz league the last few years ill re create that league and throw up the code on here too


Yep, i’m in. Ready for another year of mid-price breakout madness and rage trading every sunday night.

I’m in!

need to wait until preseason matches been played, but odds are some of those players aren’t picked round 1.

last years fixture really annoyed me, with games all the time and no idea what the teams lineups, I gave up a few rounds in.

forgot to select McGrath too.

Id have Draper, Heppell and Caldwell at their price, depending if they score enough in preseason.

Then its who plays out of Cox, Cahill, Jones, Perkins, etc

Think Langford is a chance to go top 10 as a forward and would be a point of differnece

rule number 1. don’t be blinded by your own team

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Just put something together. Seems a lack of cheap options, with more given 180k+ than previous years?

But our players are sooooo good! Why wouldn’t we put them in?

Here’s draft one for my steaming pile of ■■■■

What a pile of garbage.

orazio, brown and daniher in one forward line is a recepie for disaster. doubt perkins plays early either

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I quite like the Daniher selection, better value than Wright

Don’t want to be rude, but have you played much supercoach at all? That is by far the silliest thing to do and I’m only saying this to help you improve your team. Don’t ever just go nuts picking your team players like that there’s no value in it nor points in it as all them players won’t score good or well consistently. Too many midprice players aswell.

Try this for example as a team layout then work around it.
Premium players to start with in each position

Def -3-4
Ruck- 2(can even go 1 and a draper/preuss/Hickey but gawn/grundy is cheaper combined than last year)
Fwd- 3

Rest you fill with rookies from around the teams that will play and generate you cash. And maybe a fallen premium or three and a one or two off mid pricer player that could take the next step