Supercoach 2023

Francis going big!

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Can’t think of a worse trade in all my years of doing SC than bringing in LDU, has been a disaster. Brought in the week he is an out with 2 mins to go and app cooks itself so can’t correct, misses two weeks then misses another down the track and now out again.

Time to bite the bullet but also started the year with Mills so will need to do something about that too.

Have spent the whole season trading premiums, Stewart, Steele, Grundy, Cameron and probably now one or both of Mills and LDU


Moved up inside the top 1000 with a score of 2,289 this week. My trade plans this week will see Hopper thanked for his service.


I am having an absolute shocker this year. How many trades does everyone have left? I have 22 now, but probably 20 by friday night. My son tells me I need to trade harder, be more aggressive. Thoughts?

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I’ve been burning my trades faster than Bacchus does cash at the pokies. I’ve got 20 left.


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It’s looking pretty good. You’re probably a premium mid short of being regularly competitive. Also, I’ve got a cheap ruck/fwd (non playing) on the bench so that I can have Esava @F5 and rotate him back to the ruck should I run short. He’s probably wasted cash sitting on the bench evey week.

22 trades left and 7 upgrades to make to get a full premo 18 on field. Sounds good, but problem is my rookies are either not playing or scoring 7. I’m just going to try and hold tight now until the byes and hope that loser clubs like North, Dons etc start playing Tsatas, Wardlaw etc in mid positions otherwise I don’t know how im gonna generate cash.

Yeah, the rookie scene for myself isn’t great now either. I’m hoping that problem is getting common across the comp.

Yes there are very decent rookies around which will make upgrading difficult.

I’ve gone hard on trades and will be down to 17 after this week. My team is looking ok though with only 3 non keepers on field - Cincotta at D6, Rory Atkins at M8 and Pedlar at F6. As mentioned above I will be moving out Hooper for a keeper this week after having traded Ashcroft last week and Setterfield the week before.

I’m classifying Sheezel as a keeper. My lowest averaging keepers by position are:

Day at D5
Merrett at M7
Marshall at R2
Coniglio at F5


Out -Chandler Hopper
In- Evans Butters

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I also traded in Butters.

So far we look like geniuses.

:ok_hand:…he’s an absolute jet.

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Ollie Wines was the other option.

Better value and now with a proper 9’week block behind him he’s up to 70% CBAs.

Butters twice the score of Wines so far

Wish I had chosen to go Butters rather than Laird as my Hopper replacement

Butters comes in next week for me. Geez what a game.

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I went Laird as I have Petracca in the midfield and I’m hearing he will get forward status which will mean I have 6 forwards. Hence I steered clear of Butters. Not a wise decision based on last night!

I think Trac is borderline.

I was going to invest in him 2-3 weeks ago at 600k thinking he might get forward status. Who knows.

I was 10k short of either Merrett or Kelly so I compromised for Butters. Lucky compromise I guess!


Some really big scores going around.

I got 2665 but not sure if that will be in the top 5000.

Anyone crack 2700?


Looks like over 2900 will win the week