Supercoach 2023

Wow. I’ve done the biggest ■■■■ up of all time.

I looped Oliver on by putting the C on Maddern. I didn’t e even know Maddern was sub.

He came on in the last qtr and scored 9 as my captain. I lost 200 points.

Hold on. SC glitched and that didn’t happen.

They gave Madden points when he didn’t play. Few.

Thought it was ■■■■ up of the century.


Lol I was tripping, imagine that, oof

Oliver out for a month.


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What’s he done?

Epic score btw.

2443 which on a regular week would be hapoy with. Miles off it this week. Still too 10k which was the aim start of the season.


2418 here, that used to be a good score lol.
Will put Humphrey on field next week after 2 x 100’s

Oliver out is a shame.

Been rolling along ok, but 2377 this week wasn’t in the ballpark of what was required. With no bench and Oliver gone for a month this is season defining…

Keep, try and turn him into 2 premos? Try and fix the bench as well?

Who knows…

(I know I’ll want him in 4 weeks though)


He’s goes to Merrett for mine and upgrades Day to Sinclair or Docherty.
But it stops my upgrade cadence.

I’ve burnt Boosts and trades to get to this point. This is the risk I guess.

Then 3 rookies to upgrade. The Rookie horizon looks ok though and Humphrey, Weddle and Atkins have been very handy for scoring and cash gen.

My rookies are screwed. Got Humphrey early (ie before WCE), but instead of Weddle and Atkins I have the likes of Angwin and Drury and Cincotta and Johnson and Sharp and still have Davey and Constable and Ginbey

Hoping for some sort of R/F miracle that will allow me to utilise Esava’s money while maintaining coverage through the byes, and that one or 2 of the dead rookies are reborn (Johnson and Cincotta?)

Rookies do come alive.

Chessel and Johnson came back this week so I had 4 on the bench.
Some weeks I’ve had zero.

The weird bit was I had 6 playing rookies on the bench. And if I exclude Esava the highest score was 47. And I had Ginbey 's 35 on field. I really needed Atkins as well as Humphrey 2 weeks ago. Could theoretically go direct to a playing rookie and a fallen premium from Ginbey and Cincotta this week with my spare cash, but it feels like Cincotta could get a look in again soon. And I can’t do that from a Drury/Constable type I don’t think.

2561 for me this week which seemed about par, in a world of pain though with only 16 trades left, have been cursed by injuries this year - have traded out Stewart, Grundy, D Cameron, Steele, LDU, Mills and if Oliver is missing considerable time that will probably be another one.

Was a bit of a shame as I’d salvaged the sinking ship before the Mills, LDU, Steele (had traded him back in) debacle of last week and was pretty well set in terms of final upgrades with rookies finally starting to play again, but now need to get d6, m7, m8 along with f5 and f6.

Probably just going to run the gauntlet in getting to full premium and then hold on for dear life with a couple of trades from that point on, inevitably crashing and burning at round 16 or so.


Winning team for the week. They left 32 points on the bench with Weddle

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It’s quite insane. Looking at it, it doesn’t seem particularly different from my team. A few 50/50 premos. Maybe one more premo overall. (Edit 1 extra premo, 1 extra MP.)

Outscored me by over 500 points.


Ridley at $414k…time to come in.

Worth a shot I guess but he’s a 95 player for mine .

Welcomes Merrett to my side.

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What has everyone done with Oliver? He’s sitting on my bench.

I did notice 55,000 peeps chose to trade him. Curiously, 100 people brought him in.