Sydney 'brown haired' dude goes ape

Vigilante style justice

“I ran outside and saw people grabbing poles and bats from a fire truck and started to chase “unknown person” up the street.”


The old milk crate over the head trick.


Kudos to the old man lion tamer as well.

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Glad we got “haired” into the headline…


I thought they were about to do the old bobsled team act on him.

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I thought this was going to be about Diggers.


Knowing nothing else about it, I am so confident that this didn’t happen.

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Wow. She does work for Rupert…

She’s not wrong though, video shows dude screaming it when on top of the car

Gotta love the ingenuity of the restraints being used. Milk crates have to be one of the most versatile things ever made.


“Brown haired” white dude?? :thinking:

Sadly, Channel 10 have updated their article to a higher standard

Originally mentioned one of the witnesses saying “He was a brown haired dude”

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Jimmy bar over the head would have been more deserving but fantastic work by those people to stop the lunatic.

Did that footage with the bloke dropping the C Bomb evry other sentence actually go to air?? It does have the “7 Exclusive” shitte plastered all over it?

Even as a post on twitter, … do they not HAVE to carry a warning about such things?

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It’s almost become a meme amongst the young folk these days.

Let’s just be thankful there was a milkman, a Firefighter and a lion tamer on scene. And also that the nutjob only had a knife on him.

There didn’t seem to be that much urgency with some of the witnesses just going about their morning


Wait for Crate Man to be publicly discredited just like Trolley Man.


Got to love Australia. Nailed the ■■■■.

That old boy could have been in trouble if that prick had come at him. Deserves a medal. What a champion.


Reports are now saying a woman was killed in an apartment block by this lunatic. So sad.