Sydney def Essendon: Do you want to talk about it?

I felt a great disturbance in the Blitz, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out FAAAAARK in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.



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Well that was completely stupid.

Close thread.

Close Blitz.

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That draw against Fark Carlton in 2011 ( might have been 2010) was pretty horrible. This is worse. We really took the foot off and coughed up the game. Hurts a lot.

Blitz server is farked …

502 502 502

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Rohan picked up gleeson and threw him over his shoulder with one arm. I just… can’t…


Epic but soul destroying performance.

Arguably the best game we’ve played all year. An arm wrestle that we had to fight tooth and nail for only to ■■■■ the bed at the end.

If that is the standard of football we put up week in week out though we’ll play finals.

Ultimately there were probably 4 unforgivable errors that cost us goals. 2 kicking errors from bj, one from zerret and a fumble by bj.

This loss will hurt the group it’s up to the coaches and leadership group to turn that into a positive.

Josh Kennedy, we need a plan for next time


In '96 a young me trashed my room. Tonight my daughters teddy set sail through the air. Clearly not much has changed including Essendon’s ability to break our hearts at the SCG. Season killer?


What happened with the behind scored at the end of the first quarter to Sydney? Was it paid a behind? Because it shouldn’t have been.

I’m shattered btw.


Goddard worst on ground for that last 24 seconds. Fancy letting that hack rohan kick the winning goal!!!

Drop goddardl!!!

Cracked another beer after spirits expexting a win then a loss fark.

Geez kennedy was good for them need some inspiration for jobe to lift maybe some carrots.

We arent far off it.

Cant drop any more games next 4 weeks, we are a good team.

Zaka ok. Keep the faith ye bomber faithful.
Langford good second half need more youth. Parish franc

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Farking Sydney. And Richmond.

Well, you can’t get any closer. We absorbed all the pressure and kept going with plan A. It worked. Almost.

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It though the Carlton game R3 would be the one we look back and go “if only”. Well this is the one now. I reckon with our average % we’ll miss the finals by a game, and it will be this one. Haven’t felt this way since PF of 99. I was nearly in tears five mins ago, and I’m an (apparently) grown man of 42.

Blitz is faaawked goin to take frustration out on missus😇

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In 96 I broke my arm😂

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Saw that coming. Started wasting time way too early, can’t do that was an on ball squad that lacks contested players as much as ours.


We blazed away a couple of times there at the end. You just knew they would goal from that throw in, had Essington written all over it.


For ■■■■■ sake. Goddard just needed to get the ball outside 50. He had 3 or 4 unnecessary steps before kicking it. Super howler.


That last lockout by Goddard was easily the dumbest thing I have ever seen from an Essendon player

Watson is cooked. Another big high pressure game and he goes missing

Letting Sydney have a two on one in our forward 50, when Zac got a quick kick out of the middle was disgusting. It was always going to come straight back in

Mentally weak the lot of them.

So damn angry, a win could of set up our whole season.

Our lockouts have been awful all season, tonight just capped it off in the worst possible way

Sadly, hurts to say but you just ****ing knew when we were 19 pts up it was a situation tailor made for us to find a way to fark it