Tac/u18 Thread


Not much from Rayner that quarter, not sure if he even touched it (probably did). Big quarter from Parish.


I assume the video will be available later on the AFL site, so I recommend watching it rather than paying attention to me, but anyway.

First up on the top players: Davies-Uniacke and Rayner were both impressive in the first half then went awol. I think Rayner was playing deep forward a fair bit in the second half. Higgins is McGrath, except nobody's pretending he's not 178cm.

Players who caught my eye, rather than bests. I wasn't really paying much attention to the talls, mostly watching mids

Worpel - seems like a well rounded midfielder. Good size, decent speed, can play in close but doesn't look confused in the open. Exactly the kind of player I'd like us to draft half a dozen of. Terrible facial hair.
Joel Garner - not that Joel Garner. Got a mountain of the ball, and is good wiith it, but seems to be a very half backy half back.
Parish - his kicking was both quite effective and also ugly and floaty. Wouldn't object to having him on the list though if he's a late pick type, good hands in tight
Constable - big tall inside midfielder, got a lot of the ball and did good things with it. Doesn't seem slow for that type of player, which is nice.
Clark - thought he was good but realised late I was also confusing him with Handley, so maybe less impressive

Edit: please note I generally try to watch the games with the commentary off to not just repeat what they say, so I've probably missed some guys who were really good.


Always good to see others' perspectives with this sort of thing. especially when you don't know who everyone is.


Higgins BOG for mine.


Any idea if its anywhere?


The AFL didn’t upload a replay of last week’s game at all, and no stream capture has appeared anywhere I’ve been able to find. So I suspect there just won’t be a replay, annoyingly enough.

If anyone who can watch it, could look into doing a stream capture of the next game/games (maybe using periscope or something?), that’d really be appreciated…


Future stars on channel 9 about to talk Rayner, Parish and Fogarty is on the show


I just assumed they'd upload the game aftewards. I'll see if I can sort out something next time they stream one.

Interestingly the AFL Women's channel on youtube has all the women's U18 games available. Apparently nobody cares about the men's game?


Thanks. I thought they'd upload the replay too, but it's a week later and still no sign of the first round televised game so I suspect I was wrong.

They've always treated the u18s like this though, damned if I know why.


I should've just streamed it on my phone at the vfl.


doesn't have champs though. just TAC Cup.


The TAC guys still stream, but at least those videos end up on the AFL Vic youtube channel so you can actually download them and watch them later (or watch them bit by bit as they buffer...). The champs telecasts seem to be 'watch it on the stream or never'


It's baffling. I get that it would be crazy to spend the resources on every TAC Cup game and interstate equivalents, but 10 champs games? It's not a lot to ask I wouldn't have thought. It doesn't need to be a whole commentated song and dance even.

Maybe someone should pitch U18 ChampsX, see if that can get the AFL interested.


Really should've taken notes despite not being at the game as my traditional lack of sleep means I lose detail on recollection. Have only seen 3 games (1 full and 2 halves) of TAC this season so unfortunately I mixed up a few guys - Constable, Parish & Worpel amongst that lot.

Davies-Uniacke - Everywhere in the first half, then...I have no idea, will have to ask a recruiter what happened (change of role?, limited minutes?, injury concern?) as it wasn't obvious on the stream - I knew his number, I just didn't see it until one brief passage in the last term.

Cerra - Twomey had him in his 10 ten at half time. Didn't seem to find it a lot but what he did was all class.

Rayner - I should stress I've only seen him twice (once live 3 weeks ago and today), but sometimes you look for the less than obvious, with Paddy McCartin it was his one big weapon was ridiculously good (quick burst to get clearance than lead up at the ball carrier and mark in front)...but what would happen when a coach did the inevitable and sat someone in front of him, which you can't do at TAC/U18 level, as his contested marking wasn't a strong suit. With Rayner, I'd like to see him play a VFL game, as at 88kgs even against defenders he usually has 5-10, sometimes 15kgs over guys and he knows it - 3 weeks ago he was basically bullying guys in the midfield, not Rohan tossing Gleeson over the shoulder bullying, but solid body work to get better position. The explosiveness will certainly transfer to AFL level especially when up forward, I'm just curious how the manhandling smaller opponents is going to work at the next level. Played almost entirely as a forward, though he apparently played largely midfield in their first game, so I'd expect that mix to continue to showcase his versatility.

Stephenson - First full game I'd seen him play after 2 halfs at TAC level. Getting a little concerned about his decision making and skills under pressure. Three weeks ago in a tense last quarter I saw him burst out of a pack, sprint 10m and then hit Sandy's spare back lace out, then moments later, he baulked a player to come back inside and pick out a Sandy player. Today amongst limited touches he kicked to a 2 on 1 in the corridor and raced onto a flank to kick it OOF. His workrate is good, but certainly on his last 2 performances I'm not quite sure he's the top 10 candidate Twomey is pegging him as.

Naish - Clean and classy by hand and foot and very poised. Richmond bound probably late in the 1st round

Moore - Small (175cm) and light small foward who had an uncanny knack of being in the right spot at the right time for the crumbs.

Dow - Mixed up others - Worpel & Parish and Constable - so on the basis that I could actually identify him, he was one of the best inside mids on the day. Despite being listed at 78kgs he is very bull like, strong through the hips and core which allowed him to get a multitude of clearances, some with guys hanging off him attempting to tackle. OTTOMH I can't recall him winning much ball outside the contest, so spread is something he probably needs to work on

Parish - Mixed him up mostly, but he did hit a few targets albeit in a less than convincing fashion - won a clearance and hit a lead-up target which Twomey was crowing about...but I'm sitting there thinking he's kicked it at the easiest point for a defender to spoil (on the guys head)

O'Brien - Very quiet first half but was quite good in the second, he burnt it a couple of times by foot but overall his kicking was of a high standard.

Nolan - Thought he was exceptional 3 weeks ago (backed himself to come off his man to intercept mark and demonstrated a will not to lose the contest with a multitude of 2nd efforts including a few smothers and tackling efforts), solid without standing out yesterday. 195 so is a good size, not sure whether he is tall enough to play on the real behemoths though.

Clavarino - Had an excellent last term with multiple intercept pack marks.

Fogarty & Miers - Both played well, exact specifics escape me outside of a nice rundown tackle by Fogarty and Miers's goals.

Garner & Penrith - Back Flank/back pocket. Both used the ball well, Garner finding it much more than Penrith. Penrith apparently is linked to Carlton under their Next Gen Academy, he is much more defensively minded, will have to watch Garner live to see whether he can defend 1 on 1 or whether he is yet another of these high possession HBFs that offer plenty offensively but are defensive liabilities.

Sutherland - Played CHF. Promising, a few strong marks, though as raw as you would expect.

Higgins - Forward/mid. Found plenty, used it well and is an excellent overhead mark for his size (178cm). Saw him kick 4 three weeks ago and he impresses me more each game. A couple of things Twomey was mentioning in the coverage are of note as well: said he is the most professional guy he's seen in his 5 years covering TAC, won the time trials for the Academy after preparing extensively for them, has also worked hard to improve his speed. So he presents as a really determined kid, who is very good now, and will bust his ■■■■ to improve on his deficiencies. The drawback is probably whether clubs think he can legitimately play midfield at AFL level or is just going to be a HFF

The Kings, Bailey Williams & Jye Caldwell shape as prospects for next season. Williams in particular had an excellent leap in the ruck and was tapping well, which helps offset his height (198).


Country/Metro Replay is up on the AFL site


Watched Future stars, I reckon nails on the chalkboard have more charisma.


I heard some recruiting guy on SBS erlier this week say the draft this year was not of very high quality / depth? Comment ?


Its the same old bullshit, the top 10-15 kids are great, its a lottery for the rest and next year is always better.


The "next year is better" thing is the one that gets me. Even if there are three or four 17 year olds dominating the champs it just means there's three or four good players for next year, that's hardly a huge difference.

I think since they stopped letting 17 year olds get drafted (2008 I believe, which would have also affected the 2009 draft), the variance in drafts has dropped off a bit.


Wasn't that draft where we got Hislop supposed to be the best? No one fcking knows for another 3-4 years minimum.