Tac/u18 Thread


It was me relaying something that was told to a neighbour by the president of Winchelsea. I told him that I’d heard his kicking was very ordinary.


Heard that we have met with Eastern’s Dylan Moore recently, maybe Bewick had something to do with it. Surprised Eastern haven’t gone better given the depth of talent out there. Sam Hayes will obviously go pretty high but 5-6 others a chance too from what I’m told. Names such as Jordan Lynch, Cody Hirst also will be talked about leading into the draft.

Keep an eye out for Tom North. Kid is a gun & I’d love to get him to the Bombers. He’s a big bodied mid who wins his own ball but can be damaging outside too, kicks beautiful long, running goals. Loves the hard stuff too, tackles with purpose. Still working on the defensive side of his game though, needs to improve his defensive running. Not sure if learned TAC Cup watchers such as HM can add but he’s one to keep an eye on.


Any thoughts on how we could use Moore in our senior team? Like whose position he could take?


Interesting. I’m told he’s quite small but really footy smart, similar to Caleb Daniel. He won AA honours at the carnival. He’s playing well at Eastern and Caulfield Grammar when he plays with an Eastern teammate in Trent Mynott. He’s predominantly a midfielder but is proficient as a forward as well. Eastern have been impressed with his speed and endurance but most of all his will to win.


Cody Hirst is in next years draft. I’ll be at the Eastern game on Sunday so I can give some notes on some players

Also Dodoro did meet with Moore and he has also met with another Eastern player


Something I have been wondering, is, how the probability of being drafted rises as an U18 player gets more exposure and acknowledgement by the industry gatekeepers…

That is:

  • How many players are drafted on TAC exposure alone (or the interstate equivalent)?
  • How many players are drafted with the addition of champs exposure?
  • How many players are drafted with the addition of draft combine exposure?

It would just help me appreciate things like whether Parish’s non-invite to the combine is a really bad sign. Or how much effort to put into scanning the TAC level players such as those mentioned above…


Lewis Young was the highest picked player not to get a combine invite last year at pick 49. Getting a combine invite makes your chances of getting drafted pretty high. So yes Cassidy could still get drafted but it would be late or as a rookie going off past drafts and combine invites. Only 10 players from last years combine invites didn’t get drafted


“On Saturday, North amassed a huge 43 disposals at 74.42 per cent efficiency, including 19 kicks and 24 handballs. North also took six marks, had 12 clearances, went inside 50 twice, rebounded four times and finished off with three goals. The balanced midfielder has been building as the season has gone on and his performance on the weekend was his clear best for the year.”


I thought the young Hirds had given Aussie rules away for soccer.


Hirst not hird


He does look and play like a Hird though…




Hopefully Dodoro can do his magic and start a dodgy groin rumour for Jaidyn Stephenson. He killed it today


Has been going well through the season too. His was one of the 5-6 names mentioned to me for the draft. Eastern have a bumper crop this year



Good chance

Will be another good year for Eastern


With school footy finished guns like Davies-Uniacke, Dow and Brander will be playing TAC.

I’ll be going to a triple header on Sunday with these teams
GWV Rebels

Cassidy Parish and Lewin Davis will be 2 that ill give some summaries on with both potentially going to us in the rookie draft or VFL if neither make it


Cassidy Parish off to a good start for Geelong. Been awesome at the stoppages and despite taking too long to kick he found the target on a few occasions


The main knock on him is his kicking, … so that sounds promising.


His action is still a worry, slows down to a crawl when he needs to kick, he will be in trouble with the pace of AFL since he won’t have as much time as he does here. He copped a knock late in the game but he was still in Geelongs best 3 players today. Matthew Ling looks a star at half back and James Worpel was poor by foot but again attacked the ball hard


Lewin Davis hasn’t done much so far, showed some nice agility in one bit of play. Paddy Dow and Jarrod Brander have been a step above so far. Brander the best key forward in this draft