Tac/u18 Thread


Seemed relevant.


That was 3 weeks ago, so where is your list? Well?


I will try and finish it up tomorrow




Sorry, been super busy. Seriously close to finishing. It’s been a tough year this year.


Under-promise, and over-deliver.


Hey guys here is my current top 30 for next year, a lot of very good players not in it which shows the quality for next year and why Dodoro made sure to keep our 1st and 2nd picks

2018 Rankings

  1. Max King - Sandringham Dragons/VIC M - Key Forward
  2. Jack Lukosius - Woodville-West Torrens/SA - Key Forward
  3. Izak Rankine - West Adelaide/SA - Small Forward/Wingman
  4. Ben King - Sandringham Dragons/VIC M - Key Defender/Forward
  5. Jack Bytel - Calder Cannons/VIC M - Inside Midfeilder
  6. Sam Walsh - Geelong Falcons/VIC C - Outside/Inside Midfielder
  7. Jye Caldwell - Bendigo Pioneers/VIC C - Outside/Inside Midfeilder
  8. Tarryn Thomas - North Launceston/TAS - Tall Wingman/Flanker
  9. Matthew Green - Sporties Spitfires/NT - Tall Wingman/Flanker
  10. Ian Hill - Perth/WA - Wingman/Small Forward
  11. Zane Barzen - Murray Bushrangers/VIC C - Medium Forward
  12. Connor Rozee - North Adelaide/SA - Inside Midfeilder
  13. Xavier Duursma - Gippsland Power/VIC C - Wingman/Half-Forward
  14. Bailey Smith - Sandringham Dragons/VIC M - Midfielder/Flanker
  15. Mitch Riordan - Dandenong Stingrays/VIC C - Inside/Outside Midfielder
  16. Curtis Taylor - Calder Cannons/VIC M - Inside/Outside Midfeilder
  17. Tom Joyce - East Fremantle/WA - Outside/Inside Midfeilder
  18. Bailey Williams - Dandenong Stingrays/VIC C - Ruckman/Key Forward
  19. Nick Blakey(NSW) - UNSW/NSW - Medium Forward
  20. Jackson Hately - Central District/SA - Outside/Inside Midfeilder
  21. Ed McHenry - Geelong Falcons/VIC C - Wingman
  22. Sydney Stack - Perth/WA - Wingman/Small Forward
  23. Isaac Quaynor - Oakleigh Chargers/VIC M - Medium Defender
  24. Buku Khamis - Western Jets/VIC M - Key Defender/Forward
  25. Tom Lewis - Sturt/SA - Inside Midfeilder
  26. Jai Nanscawen - Dandenong Stingrays/VIC C - Small Forward
  27. Tom McKenzie - Northern Knights/VIC M - Medium Defender/Midfeilder
  28. Ben Cardamone - Eastern Ranges/VIC M - Inside Midfeilder
  29. Xavier O’Niell - Oakleigh Chargers/VIC M - Inside Midfeilder
  30. Liam Stocker - Sandringham Dragons/VIC M - Inside Midfielder


Early days, but where do you Mason Fletcher being ranked atm mate?


I have him in the 50s at the moment. I’ve liked what I’ve seen but he is a long term project and despite the similarities to his old man I don’t think he will be playing AFL football for awhile yet. We will see what another year does but the main thing I’ll be looking for is confidence and the ability to rebound to a high quality.


Wonder whether recruiters will be wary of going to high for the best KP’s ? I rate Lukosius as he is more mobile than the recent proto-type of tall forwards and backs.


Thankfully there seem to be an awful lot of highly rated talls coming through for the 2018 draft.

As such Mason can be good, and still slide. Would very much like to get him after we’ve taken our 1st and 2nd round picks (not that we know what picks we will have when we walk into draft night).


Jeez man I know everyone loves talls, but if you had an opportunity to pick Rankine and went with someone else your supporters would be dirty on you for a decade. He is electric


Max King I feel is the next Daniher, only thing I need to see more of is his work up the ground, he is super dangerous close to goal he is the same height as Daniher already

Lukosius in his SANFL senior debut kicked 4 goals in a final, not many young talls can do that


Yeah… but he could equally be the next Kurt Tippett and Rankine is Rankine.

What a freak.


Rankine . You would be rapt to get that talent . If he is not no.1 , the other blokes must be amazing .



My first article for ADC, wonder who our Bewick special will be this year. First round of TAC starts this week and the player lists should be announced very soon


Congratulations td1. Always appreciate your posts here and glad to see you’re getting some recognition.


TAC Cup starts this week I’ll be attending 2 games on Saturday

Also Mason Fletcher is now 199cm


And I’m overseas for a few weeks so I won’t be seeing any games for a while!

(first round of the season is always a good one too, dammit. Weather is still nice, and lots of double headers so you get to see a lot without too much travel)