Tac/u18 Thread


Yep it’s just before school football starts so you get all the good players playing. I’ll be watching both King twins on the weekend which will be rare once they start school footy.


If the draft was tomorrow have you got an idea what range Fletcher would be going in?


Hard to say but going off last year I have him in the 40-60 range


Oakleigh, Dandenong and Gippsland have announced themselves as contenders this year for the TAC premiership. The Oakleigh midfield is the strongest I’ve seen since Sandy’s midfield in 2016 with McGrath, Taranto, Setterfield and Florent. It may not have the same number of top 20 players but it batts incredibly deep especially with some young guns available next year that are way ahead of the curb in Matt Rowell and Noah Anderson


My notes are included for the 2 games played at Frankston


I know its early, but who do you want at the dons?


Collier-Dawkins is showing some promising signs, Jack Bytel would be high on our radar aswell after training with us in the pre-season and being a teammate of Mason at Calder.

This draft is looking sensational and I’m sure we can fill plenty of needs, easy to see why Dodoro was so keen on keeping our picks for this year


I like the sound of Will Holt and Noah Wheeler for Bendigo.
Holt because we need to start planning for life after Hooker, is he a contested key forward type?
Noah sounds like an explosive, balanced, inside mid type. You said he is “big bodied”, but I can only find his size from last year at 176. Do you know if he’s grown/what he is now?


Holt I only saw in a pre-season game last year so I’m not as knowledgeable on him. Wheeler is still the same height 176cm and 80kg, good player but plenty of better midfield options for us I reckon. Bailey Smith from Sandringham is a jet who can play inside and outside and easily play forward and back. A lot of Bartel about him


Is this year Mason Fletchers Draft year.


My god son is the vice captain as a bottom age of eastern, bodes well.


And you gave him a good wrap in your wrap!


Someone will confirm for certain.

But yes, I am fairly sure that it is.


Yes he is

Also Cal backing up my view on Smith


There’s a nuggety mid from Geelong who’s predicted to go early.

Very prominent in last year’s GF.


I wouldn’t call Sam Walsh nuggety, very nimble midfielder 183cm and 74kg



A little thing i like to do every week is a rolling mock draft, i dont factor in Father son and academy until late in the year.



sign me up

will we ever see a calder cannons football factory year again?


Calder will get a guaranteed 5 draftees this year so they are on the right track in tacking back that mantel. Eastern and Sandringham have dominated the last few years