Tac/u18 Thread


Thanks. That’s kind of what I was thinking. Is his kicking that bad? Looked reasonably ok from the snippets I’ve seen so far (and I’ve seen 2/5ths of stuff all). Compare to what I saw from a little of Davis-Uniacke who’s highly rated (but again, not a decent sample) I didn’t think it looked any worse, and Worpel was getting it in more pressure situations.

At this stage I have no idea, but kind of liked the concept of the highly valued inside guy who started to get questions over his kicking and subsequently fell to something around 48. I reckon this is a genuine draft “genre” that isn’t necessarily that recent. If you remember pre Andrew Swallow’s draft the internet reviewers rated him very highly, but he fell to, I think, about 54 come draft day. Clarke is probably the most recent example.

There may be arguments about whether we want that type though, given we took Clarke last year, but it’s worth a think.

*Usual disclaimers around draft thoughts. I haven’t seen anyone beyond a couple of YouTube packages. And have no idea about what we should even be looking for at this stage.



Does everyone think Parish is worth a look at 48 or are there going to be better options available?



Looks pretty good. Can’t kick to save himself but his action doesn’t look terrible.

If you could work on his composure and decision making when kicking he’d be a great get. Any chance for our picks?


Next year’s draft



Any idea where he is rated?


My understanding was that he was one of the “highly rated” South Australians that has Adelaide and Port excited enough to try and get early picks next year.


As @Humble_Minion stated. I would be very surprised if he lasted past pick 20 now after his draft combine testing.


If we were keen to unite them. More observant drafters/scouts rate him as a rookie option or later national draft option (e.g 4th round or later).

I would take the punt for 4th round


Rob Kerr saying we WERE after a tall in the draft but since our first pick is at 48, it’ll be best available.

Might mean Smack is kept for another year.


Both Brisbane and North really like Worpel I doubt Worpel makes it past Lions pick 40.

Would like to know what types of talls Rob Kerr meant because I know of a few talls we have kept our eyes on.

If we want to go with a Darren Bewick special we have Jackson Ross and Trent Mynott as slight chances of being available. Tom North we could look at as a big inside mid, we have interviewed Dylan Moore multiple times so if he slides he is another we will look at. Also hearing Joel Garner is sliding but surely won’t last till 48.


Yeah, that’s the interesting bit.

Rucks are still a weak point on the list. Belly can be good but can also be shocking, while the availability of Leueueueueueuenberger is a week-tp-week proposition, every moment Daniher spends away from the forward line is wasted, Draper and the Lavender Bag are so raw that even the Japanese wouldn’t eat them, and Smack is Smack.

Kpps we’re doing a fair bit better. We’ve got three legit key forwards, one AA key back and a whole bunch of key back depth in Brown, Ambrose, Hartley, plus Hooker can go back if we really need him to, and both Brown and Hurley can got forward if we’re REALLY desperate. And that’s not counting Stringer, who is tall and a forward, but probably not a traditional tall forward.

Mason Fletcher next year, who is a tall defender at this stage, though that may change.

Hooker is the only kpp who we even really need to think about succession planning for at this stage. Hurls is the next oldest and has plenty of time left. Perhaos Kerr WAS talking about a ruckman?


If it’s a ruck we are after I know we have put a lot of time into Lloyd Meek from GWV Rebels. He would be more than capable of playing senior football next year if called upon.


That guy? he’s been going around for a while now I think. I’m not the biggest wrap, think he gets by on pure height against a lot of u18 guys, doesn’t get much in the way of elevation in the ruck contests. Surely there’s better out there.


It’s tough to know why we have put so much effort into him, he got a combine invite and even played in the all-star game so enough clubs are still keen. A few times this year he showed plenty taking some nice marks and he really worked well with the mids who obviously weren’t as talented as the guys he had last year to tap to in Drew, Berry and McCluggage.

I wouldn’t take him in the national draft I’d prefer to go after a player with more upside like De Koning or Xerri but if we want someone ready to go then Meek would be a decent pick


Any VFL watchers got any comments on Kieran Strachan? Seemed to get some good comments, and if I recall wen to the combine?? Big lump of a lad too.


I find it really hard to judge the draft position of rucks these days, but I find it a bit hard to believe De Koning will still be around at pick 48. Don’t know enough about Xerri. But we’ve really played to the best of our own drummer when it comes to rucks in recent years, rather than looking that the best u18s. If we DO draft a ruck, most likely it’ll be some 20yo from a local league who nobody’s ever heard of…


I’m hoping we get Cassidy, build the Parish dynasty.


When it looked like Francis might leave, and be replaced by Schache, I thought it could well be better for our list. Replace a 190-195cm tall with a 200cm forward-ruck option, with mobility. It would convince me to clear McKernan from the list…And I always fantasise, for right or wrong, that a mobile KPF can fail but still potentially be used as a KPD. So could have been an upgrade on Hartley for the tallest defensive roles??

Now that this Schache dream didn’t happen…well de Koning looks like he would fit all this same reasoning (physically, not quality). With our list, we could be patient with his development. And we would be covered for talls for perhaps the next 4 years… but I similarly fear that de Koning will be gone by pick 48…And it also demotes, once again, the need to find more quality mids.

Lastly, I’m not sure that Lavender should have any influence on how we build our pipeline of talls. He just seems too speculative, at this stage, to place faith in.


Callum Twomey named Tom North as a likely option around our first pick.

Sounds like could be a good get at pick 48. Only 183 but seems that he can rack up the clearances and possessions, had 43 touches and 12 clearances against Bendigo at 74% efficiency. Not sure if it was during the champs period (TAC cup round 7).