Tac/u18 Thread


You may as well tell us about Bailey and why his career at the Dons will be so special.


I doubt Bailey will make it to pick 18.


Isn’t this supposed to be a super draft? Or is that every year?


Top 5 should be better than last years, still a question about the depth though still a bit to play out yet


Not questioning you but…



Just wait til you see next year’s :grinning:


Next one’s a Zooper Draft


Max King with 7 goals at 3QT, the next Daniher is on the way


I think you mean hipwood who’s the next buddy.



My notes from Gippy vs Dandy and Northern vs Western, i also watched the Sandy and Oakleigh game but I did a player focus so it’s not as focused as the rest on a full game perspective.

Also a good review for Mason Fletcher for his game this week


If you have nothing to do the AFL academy will be playing Norths VFL team on Saturday and the game will be broadcast on Foxtel for the first time ever



"Mason said his younger brother Max had been getting “better and better” and would likely grow to be a key-position prospect in coming years."


#26 Mason Fletcher – Any Essendon fans at RAMS Arena would have to have been impressed with what they saw from Dusty’s son. He brought back plenty of memories with his ability to mark or spoil the ball, peel off his man when required and just settle down the defence. He has great closing speed and is a strong spoiler, and just rarely rushes his kicks. He would have to have one of the highest kicking efficiencies of any player on the night, because I hardly saw a poor disposal from him. Really impressive performance.


Article mentions him as being 193cm… isn’t he closer to 200cm?


Would be a typo, he is definitely 199cm


What do you think of sam walsh? seen some people banging on about him.


Gun mid, can kick goals, wins a stack of the balm, quick and can play if half back if needed aswell. Should be a top 5 pick


from what i remember of last year, has a bit of mcclug but with a bit more contested aptitude.