Tac/u18 Thread


Is Mason Fletcher this year or next year?


Quicker than McClug aswell, forward nous would be the main thing McClug has over him but thats not to say Walsh is poor in that area


This year



talk bytel to us.

now that hardly any games are televised i can’t get my fix anymore.


Inside mid who trained with us in the pre-season, similar to Will Brodie although better skills and slightly shorter. If he slides to our first pick I think we will take him


I’m here at the G waiting to get in for the academy game, good to see the lovely Emma Quayle is here to watch for her newest role at GWS


Love the information you provide, but this doesn’t appear to have panned out. There’s the Carlton-Collingwood replay on currently.


Nope they took it down the day after I mentioned it haha


does myers have a job @ fox footy? protecting the kids there too.


Is Berry as good as his brother?


Hard to say, both are different types of players. Tom is quicker and more of a pure midfielder where as Jarrod is taller and more versatile


Round 3 - Bulldogs- Gameday thread



Loving your work mate. Can you provide some insight into Sholl. Saw that he’s just been included in the metro squad. Is he one that burst onto the scene this year? Cheers


Nah he was a good player last year for Calder, classy back flanker who has claims to being the best kick in the draft. Started well in the first 2 rounds but his game like most of Calders backline was poor last weekend



Izak falling down the rankines


He will hover in the top 10, I feel he may be a flight risk which is why I’ll have him going to the crows or port if they have top 10 picks. A 3 game suspension early in the year hasn’t helped him