Tac/u18 Thread


He would be behind Lavender, I wouldn’t be completely against it but if we where looking for a ruckman/forward late in the draft I’d strongly consider Riley Bowman from Dandenong

I feel if we didn’t take Hanna last year we won’t this year, at the very least he may find his way onto our VFL list, speaking of which I’d have Stratchan ahead of him aswell


Some noteable players in the highlights
22 Sam Walsh
30 Oscar Brownless
32 Finlay Parish

8 Lachlan Sholl
11 Jake Firebrace
23 Daniel Hanna


Not sure if posted elsewhere but Nick Blakey has chosen Swans academy over father son.

Honestly the Sydney academy needs to stop, it is a complete rort and unfair. But well the AFLs baby needs to be protected…


What do you think of Parish mk3? Looks and struts like Darcy with a bit of a hunch.


Haven’t seen him live yet but thought he looked decent in the highlights, not sure when I’ll be able to see Geelong this year they are a team I haven’t seen this year yet




yo TD1, would walsh or bytel be better for us immediately vs longterm?


Walsh i feel would have an impact straight away with his elite running and ability to play anywhere. From what im hearing im in the minority that rate Bytel that high so every chance we dont even look at him there, Cal Twomey has him in the early 20’s and id say he gets alot of info from talking to recruiters and academy member like Luke Power. Personally i think its crazy that he could go outside the top 20 but thats what makes draft night interesting, every club rates players differently which shows with Constable sliding so far down and players like the kid taken by Gold Coast at pick 19 who nobody had heard about.


Could we rename the NGA Academies…

To the

Dean Rioli Academy (Covering West Arnhem and Tiwi Islands)
And Maybe
Marc Mercuri Multicultural Academy. MMMA for short

WE already ahve the James Hird Academy for the father sons!



Cal and luke power are huge fans of walsh.

apparently unanimously voted in as captain at ais squad.


Finally, someone with leadership qualities.


How many years has Blakey spent in NSW? Generally, I think the concept behind the academies is a good one. My main issue is with the GWS one having traditional AFL areas. They should only cover traditionally non-AFL areas, giving the clubs a big incentive to develop the sport in those areas. This applies mostly (I believe) for everyone except GWS.


Think I saw somewhere it’s been over a decade.


Jack Bytel

Club: Calder Cannons, Vic Metro

Position: Midfielder

Size: 188cm, 82kg

Champion Data player comparison: Brad Crouch

foxfooty.com.au says: One of the Cannons’ co-captains for 2018 and a member of the AFL Academy, Bytel is a gun inside midfielder who impressed in his bottom-age season. In the TAC Cup last year, Bytel was ranked third in the competition for disposals (27.7) and contested possessions (14.2), while he was ranked fourth for clearances (6.7). Not only can he win the footy, he can also hit he scoreboard, highlighted by his seven goals from 10 games in 2017.



How many years have Swans been in Sydney? It is important to grow the game in NSW, but why not just have an AFL academy that develops players. It is ridiculous for Sydney to have that sort of assistance after being there for so long and having the success they have had.


Part of the pitch the NRL makes over the AFL to young players is that they won’t get drafted and sent across the country, they can play for the same club at senior level that they played for as a junior. Telling young NSW and Queensland athletes that if they play footy they can stay where they are is of value to growing the game. An AFL run academy that ends up with players in the draft undermines that.

It also in theory makes it more likely that the northern clubs will be contending at best and competitive at worst. The AFL wants all those clubs to be more successful overall than football state clubs, because that’s how they get people there to pay what limited attention they do.

There’s all sorts of objectionable components to the whole set up, but the reality is that Sydney’s continued success is not a bug, it’s a feature.



Talk hately to me.


192cm inside midfielder, has been playing senior SANFL football averaging 20 disposals and 6 tackles. Playing against Adelaide’s SANFL team which included Darcy Fogarty who kicked a goal with 16 touches Hately outperformed him massively with 25 touches and kicked 2.2.