Tac/u18 Thread


I like how our picks have dropped in the first round, and are higher in 2nd round… yet you have us getting the same two blokes.

You must like them.


I would prefer if some other players where able to slide to our 2nd but Riordan still scratches the inside midfidler itch. Ideally someone like Rowbottom could slide but I’m predicting that to be impossible if my projection for him is correct.



Gaya Ne tjini wallasomething is still alive?


So as far as inside mids go, we are in the mix for two of:

I’d be happy with that from this years draft.


TD1 and HM - questions if you dont mind please.

Who of the inside mids available is most like Cripps?

Who is most like Viney?


Most like Cripps is Collier-Dawkins
Most like Viney is Tom Lewis


Could also add Tom Berry, Xavier Duursma and Xavier O’Halloran as mids and with our second onwards you have players like Jack Ross, Sam Fletcher, Luke Valente, Tom Lewis and Chayce Jones


So looking at your most recent top 30, it is plausible that we could end up with two of Hately, Bytel, and Collier-Dawkins. Happy days with that!


Who are your perfect outcomes for us in relation to addressing the midfield depth issues?

I’m hoping you can indicate what our draft night might look like beyond the first two picks. I need something to hold onto after the debarcle last night.


  1. Hately/Bytel
  2. C-D/ Riordan


I’m not liking our chances of getting Collier-Dawkins at our 2nd. I think Hately, Smith and Walsh are the main targets for our 1st with Rowbottom, Bytel, Caldwell and Collier-Dawkins only slightly behind. At our 2nd I think Riordan, Berry and O’Halloran would be a chance, if we don’t care how big the midfielders are i also like Tom Lewis who is a Viney clone. I’d be looking at some nippy outside with class at that pick or later which would come from Zac Foot, Angus Hanrahan and Zac Butters. I don’t think we will find many key forwards or defenders of good enough quality late so we may look at some decent ruck/forwards. Riley Bowman in particular has the athleticism to fit into the modern game.


Id be happy with Hately as a tall inside mid with our first pick. If Bytel slid to our second due to his injuries it would be a bonus, but if not, whoever is the hardest contested ball player 183cm or above. Hopefully it’s not too much ask for him to have great handball skills in close as well.


SA thrashed WA in the first game of the champs

Jack Lukosius with 14 marks and 4 goals

Jackson Hately 28 disposlas with 10 clearances

Luke Valente 26 disposals and 8 clearances

Izak Rankine 14 disposals and 1 goal

Tom Lewis 18 disposlas

Hugo Munn 4 goals




Are there any Dean Solomon or Mark Johnson or Dean Wallis types at our third and fourth picks?


Hatley watch for those want to see, he is number 34


My current top 20 for this draft

  1. Walsh
  2. Lukosius
  3. B.King
  4. M.King
  5. Hill
  6. Bytel
  7. Rankine
  8. Blakey
  9. Thomas
  10. Hately
  11. Smith
  12. Caldwell
  13. West
  14. Rowbottom
  15. Collier-Dawkins
  16. Taylor
  17. Rozee
  18. Duursma
  19. Williams
  20. Berry


I hope we bid on Tarryn Thomas, make North pay fair price for him.


This kid has been dominating games since u/12s


Just got through watching this game, Hately not as good as his stats would suggest. Lukosius showed why he is a pick 1 fancy and I know he is another midget but Tom Lewis is just such a terrier he reminds me so much of Viney although another comparison would be Clay Smith without the injuries and he is a far better kick.