Tac/u18 Thread


Yep pretty annoying, it was at Punt Road last year which was perfect but like last year it should be on the AFL site or maybe even Fox Footy this time


Replay of the Allies vs Metro game is below, see Smith, Bytel, O’Halloran and Rowbottom in action all are potential first round Picks especially Smith


Jumper numbers can be found on Cal Twomeys Twitter


So both games from this week are on YouTube for anyone wanting to watch, the standout names I thought for both games

Bailey Smith
Isaac Quanyor
James Rowbottom
Ryhlee West
Zac Butters
Buku Khamis

Fraser Turner
Jacob Koschitzke
Tom Green
Bailey Scott
Tarryn Thomas
Chayce Jones

Jack Lukosius
Will Gould
Izak Rankine
Luke Valente
Kai Pudney
Jez McLennan

Sam Walsh
Xavier Duursma
Caleb Serong
Bailey Williams
Riley Bowman
Ned McHenry


Don’t rate bytel as a top end pick to be honest. However I do think O’halloran is the best true inside mid in the draft and is a coaches dream. Hard worker and natural leader. Despite low kicking efficiency numbers, O’halloran does have class on the outside and can finish a goal


My main query with O’Halloran has been the amount of ball he can win, if he could turn 20 touches into 30 more often I’d have him top 20.


Sounds like a bloke who wants to stay in SA and knows the first SA pick will be >10 :smiley:


Needs to get away from Adelaide and certain influences or he will find himself out of the system in a couple of years


Sounds like a good recruit for Sydney.


The irony when he winds up on the Gold Coast


I did the notes for the Allies vs Metro


Anyone with Foxtel can watch Metro vs Country this Sunday


Can’t believe he didn’t highlight Shane Harvey, OUTRAGEOUS


fuarrk, you’re speaking my language.


Sheahan needs to stop going on about the super draft. its super boring.


Andrew Carrazzo highlighted hmmmmm


Had a pretty decent career. Would have been one of the stars of the 2002 and 2003 drafts if he’d gone a year or two later - but that says more about those drafts than him! :stuck_out_tongue:


Twomey has Bailey Smith as the preferred player for our first puck



The Country vs Metro game is also on the AFL App for anyone with Telstra who don’t have Foxtel, game starts soon