Tac/u18 Thread


Looking forward to another one of your top 20 lists @THE_DON1. You do a good job in this thread.


Twomey still has Smith to us in his Phantom top 20 on Future Stars. Reading the article about how obsessed Smith is to make it as an AFL player I cant help hoping we do pick him up. He sounds like he could make an immediate impact, and is a true all-in-one midfielder. I still like the size of Hately, and he is playing senior footy in the SANFL. I wonder what insights @Aceman can give about Hately as a senior footballer?

If we somehow got hold of Smith and another taller on-baller such as Bytel I think we would havr done well.


that mentality reminds me of a lot of the state leaguers that have been shining this year.

tim kelly, guelfi to an extent, the other ones.


I agree. I guess it might come down to anticipated upside/potential. If Smith (assuming he’s available to us) still has upside to go with his attitude and application then we would be on a winner.

On Guelfi, I think he’ll be a mid for us in a couple of years. He’s one of those that makes multiple contests and prevents easy clearances from contested situations.

This draft will hopefully complete our midfield group. To add a Smith and others to the emerging group already on the list will be fantastic.


Smith will be Top 5 unforntunately, if he drops to us it’ll be a steal.

I’m starting to like the look of Collier-Dawkins; 6’4", in/out Mid, versatile, athletic, skillful


Even if we miss out on Smith or Walsh there is some good depth of midfidlers especially from today

Rowbottom got 20
Bytel 11 but missed the last quarter with an injury
Duursma was solid with 19 and 5 clearances
Berry is playing as a defender for some reason but is a capable midfielder
O’Haloran is another good mid playing as a forward
Collier-Dawkins didn’t get it a lot but showed some signs

All these players are in that 10-30 range





Hately looks all class. Even against much bigger and stronger bodies he doesn’t give an inch. Has that vision and lateral movers that basketball players have aswell


Thanks for your continued contributions!
On this mock, if the order played out as shown, would you want EFC to bid on T Thomas?
And/or Blakey?


Yep no hesitation of either


Gee it’d hurt having to pass on Rankine, but I think most interstate sides will

And, I don’t know why but I have reservations about Bytel



He’s top of my list for our first pick, assuming Walsh, Smith and the Kings are gone


Thanks for the response and insight. Sounds perfect.
Although we’d probably play him in the back pocket and try to make Ridley play on ball. Lol


Callum Twomey had the bullldogs bidding on Thomas with their first pick in his mock draft on draft stars.

Based on the highlight packages above, id be taking Collier-Dawkins over Smith at this stage he looks a great size and attacks the ball with purpose.


Bailey Smith reminds me a lot of Darcy Parish’s u18 highlights. Moves very similar, bull at a gate style. Would you feel that is a fair comparison Don?


He is a better kick than Parish and much better overhead. I’d say he is similar to Higgins in a few ways aswell. Smith can play anywhere which I don’t think Parish can do either.


Andrew Welsh and Ashley Hansen are a bit stiff not to be highlighted as well.