Tac/u18 Thread


I’d be surprised if the Saints passed on Smith, suits their needs to a tee

But I also wouldn’t be surprised, they are rabble



Two questions:

  • Why are there so many kids named Bailey these days?
  • @THE_DON1, you’ve posted links to some of the championship matches in here, but not all of them…do you know of any YouTube full match replays for those other matches? (appreciate all your work by the way)


Plenty named Xavier aswell funny enough

Their are a few highlights up on that persons YouTube channel but the full game was on Foxtel and the AFL App so best way to watch the full game would be either of those options not sure if it can be found again

Their should be some live streamed games from previous games up aswell unless they where taken down on YouTube although not as good quality as Foxtel.


parents with an affinity for a certain drink?


So is Smith an inside or outside mid?




Loved that highlights package of Collier-Dawkins. Possibly even more than the Smith video. He has a very similar style to Bontempeli, and doesnt look like he needs to many touches to damage the opposition. I think I like the idea of his size in our midfield more than a 6 footer like Smith.


That’s my line of thought as well, in 2-3 years R C-D would compliment our midfield better with his combination of size, speed and skill. And in the meantime he’d be able to play forward, back and on the outside.


RCD’s main query is his ability to find the ball on transition. You see players like Bont and Cripps and despite their work on the inside they also manage to find the ball on linkup play to improve their numbers which RCD lacks at this stage.

Walsh and Smith find so much of the ball due to their footy smarts and workrate when without the ball and RCD doesn’t quite have that but that’s not to say he is lazy either since I’ve seen him do some great chase down tackles aswell.

If a club can work on his outside game/running then you have the makings of a player that could be better than both Cripps and Bont because he has them both covered for speed and foot skills and he might even grow taller than 193cm that he is now since he was 187cm at the end of last year.


Sounds like the issues Dangerfield had early on, you’d think as far as chinks go it’d be one of the easier one to amend; especially considering his speed/skill combo


If i remember correctly Cripps was seen as only an inside stoppage specialist in his draft year. The query was on his ability to round out his game. Bont was a bolter who had major upside.

Id be more than happy with RCD based on his output to date and upside when in an AFL system. But something tells me that he will end up in the top 5.

Serious question. Who would you prefer for us out of RCD and Hately?


I would take RCD purley because I feel he has a better contested side. Hately is closer to a Pendlebury/Heppell type and his kicking is similar to Heppell. Collier-Dawkins is one of the better kicks in the draft




I think he’ll go to the Bulldogs.


SOLD. Fully invested now.



Better contested and kick?




As the year is going on and I’m getting a better understanding of this years draft crop I’m not as worried about where we finish on the ladder.

After about pick 6 it’s very close with about 10 or so players in and around the 7-15 range that I couldn’t flat out prefer over the other. So say we finish 9-10 and end up with pick 9 or 10 which could also become lower with compensation picks it shouldn’t massively effect us with quality’s of player available if we finished 11-13 which at this rate I don’t think we will anyway.

You have in that 7-15 range and even further as midfidlers
Riley Collier-Dawkins
Jackson Hately
Jye Caldwell
Xavier Duursma

And players with midfield potentional
Connor Rozee
Curtis Taylor

And players that could bolt or even go in the 20s around our 2nd pick such as

Chayce Jones
James Rowbottom
Jack Bytel
Tom Berry
Tom Lewis
Luke Valente
Xavier O’Halloran

So that’s 13 players I’d be rapt taking at either our first or second, 2 of those players mentioned are 180cm but Lewis is as pure an inside mid as you could see in the Viney mould and Jones can play taller and players the game a lot like Guelfi but I’d say he has more weapons.


Our second pick is actually GWS’s. So Cameron getting suspended may be a huge blessing for us!