Tac/u18 Thread


A player for WA playing tomorrow has the last name Smallwood, how unfortunate


Was just going to mention this. We should be finishing above them now, hence our second rounder that we sent to GC for Saad should now theoretically be upgraded.


It will be great if we can say we traded a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks for SSS and a pick upgrade!


Fox Footy from 2.10 today


Inside mid Ely Smith was a late call up today for Country and he finished with 32 disposals and 10 clearances, one to watch as a potential bolter


I know there are some off field issues but do you see rankine being a full time mid in time?


I don’t think so he will always be a lighter player so would need to go into the centre in spurts but I could see him doing damage on a wing aswell. Today was another reminder of his talent he is still a genuine top 5 talent but I can’t see anyone outside of SA taking him because he will definitely leave despite many in SA wanting him to leave SA to improve his offield issues


Tomorrow on Fox Footy and AFL app


Half of me wants them to play RC-D on ball and the other half would prefer they hid him in the back pocket, I’m worried he might be a top 5 bolter


TD1 - does today’s Vic Metro vs SA game change any of your top 10 predictions?


Top 10 no but plenty of movement after that, it’s looking like a decent draft this year and the depth is looking better than I thought with players enhancing their stocks although most of those are tied to academies (bugger)




Rozee sounds exactly like a Dodorro pick.

Collier Dawkins the big bodied mid, we’ve been looking for?


The Hately kid looks good to me. Like the fact he’s playing senior SANFL footy as well, reckon that’s an advantage IMO having experience against mature bodies. Didn’t see all of yesterday’s game but curious to know how some of the other mids went.


From the games I’ve watched, Valente is the one that stood out…moreso than Hately…buuut, while Valente made that AA team, he is not in Twomey’s top 20. Maybe I just saw his best games.

I’ll wait until closer to the draft to watch some individual highlights, and see what the combine results look like. Maybe that will correct me to the more accepted view.

Here’s a question for @THE_DON1: who do you think looks like the best prospect for the 2019 draft?


Valente is like another Graham, he does everything he can with what he has got athletically. Not overall quick or agile which isn’t a popular trait with most high picks but that’s not to say he won’t be a good player

Noah Anderson is my number 1 player for next year, he is a player along the lines of Davies-Uniacke and Adam Cerra. A tall inside mid with a good outside game and great skills and goal kicking ability


Rozee shares some similarities to Robbie Gray as a smooth moving forward with good speed and an ability to run through the midfield.


Oh no. You just know where Dodoro is going go now. May as well start the Welcome to Essendon Rozee thread now.


I wouldn’t complain with that at all, keep in mind I said Gray type which doesn’t make him flanker it’s makes him a mid/flanker :stuck_out_tongue: