Tac/u18 Thread


From what I’ve seen he is a mid who can play half back, @Aceman would have more details on him, it’s hard to find a player comparison but for me he is a smart and skilful outside type.


Sent a text to his old man about an hour ago and he was stoked with his lads game. He said Hately played excellent in the first half aswell but dropped away once the bigger Norwood mids worked them over the longer the game went


Speaking to a guy heavily involved in the school programs last night, what can you me about Xavier ohallaran?


Supposedly one of the better leaders seen in recent times in the TAC. Beat Bailey Smith for the Metro captaincy which speaks volumes. Tough inside mid who tests really well for speed, agility and endurance. He is a big moment player who will step up when the team needs it and loves a goal. Doesn’t get a huge amount of the ball and his ball use at times can be scrappy but he looks a certain top 25 prospect, Cal will have him in his rankings before the year is out



Thanks mate


I’ve got a feeling we may be trading out of his draft range, you may need to look for some later guys and hidden gems.



Spewing he didn’t slip through a few more spots at last year’s draft. Wasn’t far off our first pick (ultimately Houlahan).


yeah… i go alright at picking talents.



You do sound a little bitter.


Any more bitter than this?



25s in




Huge week of TAC this week, all 3 games on Saturday will be streamed with
Gippsland vs Murray
Geelong vs Dandenong
Bendigo vs GWV

I’ll be going to the triple header in Werribee with
Jets vs Northern
Calder vs Eastern
Oakleigh vs Sandringham

Some big names playing that I’ll be keeping an eye on live on Sunday

Daly Andrews
Stefan Radovanovic
Emerson Jeka (2019)

Josh D’Intinosante (2019)
Lachlan Potter (2019)
Ryan Sturgess (2019)
Ryan Gardner (2019)

James Blanck
Lachlan Stapleton (2019)
Mitch Mellis (2019)
Jonte Duffy (2019)

Daniel Hanna (academy)
Mitch Podhajski
Ismail Moussa (academy)
Curtis Taylor
Josh Kemp
Daniel Mott (2019)
Jack Evans
Rhylee West
Jake Firebrace (academy)

Trent Bianco (2019)
Joe Ayton-Delaney
Isaac Quaynor
Will Kelly
Will Golds
Jack Ross
Matthew Rowell (2019)
Noah Anderson (2019)
Dylan Williams (2019)
Will James
Riley Collier-Dawkins
James Rowbottom
Noah Answerth

Corey Watts (2019)
Charlie Dean (2019)
Harry Reynolds
Alastair Richards
Darcy Chirgwin (2019)
Hugo Ralphsmith (2019)
Angus Hanrahan
Will Kennedy
Ben King
Liam Stocker
Fraser McAsey (2019)
Louis Butler (2019)
Finn Maginness (2019)
Miles Bergman (2019)

Safe to say Oakleigh and Sandringham will be a huge game with both sides potential grand finalists this and next year


How’s Daly Andrews tracking? Haven’t heard much about him for a while.


Been solid in general, was BOG for the Jets last week playing on the wing, will need to have a big game this week with O’Halloran missing


Keep an eye on my boy Duffy in the Eastern game mate.

Not my usual prospect, this kids actually family :joy:


But it’s that lead time that throws such a huge amount of guesswork into the mix, with talls.
This is the order of talls in the 2006 super draft:
Gumbie-Hansen-Leuenberger-Thorp-BReid-NBrown-Frawey-Reiwoldt-Sellar-MBrown-Stewart-Renouf-Dawes-Mackenzie-Tippett-Austin-Goldstein-Hawkins (FS)-Currie-Schofield-Gill-Westhoff-JesseWhite

Yes, that’s a heck of a lot. But if you’re happy to say the recruiters got it even close to right…