Tac/u18 Thread


Not exactly lol


So there’s no excitement in this fella at all?


Heaps of excitement, just not in the way I usually hype


I’ve only seen him play once but he is a smaller midfielder/Forward who likes to tackle and gets in amongst it. My younger brother knows a bit more about him on a personal level since they went to Rowville Academy together but @benfti should have me covered on what type of player he is like and should become.


He’s short, that’s the first thing, like right on the border of being not drafted because of it. However he has the speed to make up for is as tough as you’ll find, goes inside for the footy head first, and he reads the play really well.

He is a good decision maker, neat disposer of the footy, and gets really good tackling numbers

I’m bias, but he is somewhere between Devon Smith and Zach Merrett.

Can kick goals in bunches also.

Almost certainly going to be captain of a Eastern next year. He’s vice as a bottom age this year. Boris loves him.


Welcome to Essendon Duffy?



What are your thoughts on the changes?

It seems TLA Management will be running the show according to Tom Brown


More streamed games is always a plus with better potential for a media standpoint which certainly helps me out since I write for ADC haha

Good to put up the div 2 teams like tassie up against the best TAC kids


It’ll also give the northern academy kids more exposure to the recruiters, and the Vic kids some travel experience.

And brings us closer to a genuine national reserves comp imo


It also means kids in year 12 will have to travel a whole lot more. Idiotic idea.


Only a matter of time before the AFL raise the draft age


Not a fan of it, some players aren’t ready but that shouldn’t hold back that players that are.


Completely agree with you, won’t stop the AFL though


Raising the draft age honestly seems like a way to just make it advantageous to be a kid whose parents can afford to support them for a year of being a full time footballer, because I reckon we can be pretty sure the AFL won’t make the TAC Cup a paying gig.


A lot of them would just go play for a VFL team or somewhere else that pays well. It will certainly make things a whole lot more complicated than it needs to be, classic AFL.


Do they pay youngsters well? And that means we’ll have kids spread over 60-80 clubs across Australia all with varying ability to develop youngsters.


I’m a massive fan of it. I see about 10 legitimately beneficial reasons for and 1 against - the very valid argument that some players are just ready to go. Surely that could be mitigated by allowing, say, 5 18 year olds to be taken and 10 19 year olds to be taken before that “bracket” is struck out and the rest of the picks have to be taken from the other bracket or the “open” pool of 20+ yos.


So, pick 7 = 12th finish (with a loss against Port.)

Best midfielder at our pick, who we getting?


dylan shiel.