Tac/u18 Thread


Make that pick 8 after GC get Lynch compo.


Make it pick 10 after the AFL gives both Carlton and GC Priority picks after their first.


Yeah I saw some reports that were running with that. Surely not.


And at least one academy player bid to knock it back further.


It’s gonna take hefty criticism in the media for them to reconsider. I’d fully expect some of the more vocal presidents like Kochy, Ed and JB to be using their platforms.

Question will be whether they change to a end of 1st or mid 1st


Reports are just the AFL getting it out their with an over cooked PP strategy. JB, Eddie and Kochie will arc up, then the AFL will come out with end of first round compo and everybody will fell like it’s the right thing. When in actual fact they were never going to give them after first pick compo.


From an EFC perspective I hope this is correct.


Carlton may be crap currently, but they’ve played deep in finals series within the past 10 years. Then they sacked their coach. I think there’s a strong case to leave them to their own mess. They dont deserve sympathy imo.

GC stuffed up the golden ticket they were given. Again, not much sympathy from me. I hold the entry of GC and GWS as being responsible for the premiership run of Hawthorn, and the difficulty that clubs have had in building their lists to fairly change the balance of power from the Sydneys and Geelongs etc.

Fark them all.


You ought to having a little chat to Jackets about him.


Yeah, jackets and I usually have different philosophies


Surely you’re happy with brayden rioli Ben!


Can you list any of these positives? (Without mentioning the NCAA, which is glorified slavery).


college educating the players that don’t go to classes?


Working off the idea that it’d be pushed back 2-3 years:

  • State leagues become legitimately interesting and clubs saved from the slow death they’re all experiencing
  • Better for the kids - too many are anointed as “footballers” from too early, have no time in the real world. This way they all do a degree/trade/whatever.
  • Less draft misses - better base of exposed form at state level vs. senior bodies.


List sizes is the only way thatll happen. As long as clubs have spots on their list that they can devote to development they will back in the recruitment of younger kids who aren’t AFL ready.


Well they can’t do that if you raise the draft age and don’t let them draft kids who are 19 in the same way that they can’t presently draft 16 year olds…


On point 2, call me a cynic but I’d guess the day after the decision you’d see the announcement of the Connors Sports Management Elite Training Academy and scholarship program. No reason to expect top talent would see anything but more football.


AFLpa would have an aneurism.

16 year old aren’t adults, and when it comes to comoetitive talent acquisition being well paid at 18 is an act active proposition


Well in that case, those colleges are all just doing it out of the goodness of their own hearts, I guess.


Sorry I don’t understand what you’re saying