Tac/u18 Thread


I prefer the top end talent this year but I think the depth looks better next year, I currently have 27 players from the TAC that look very draftable. Interstate players are harder to rate but most do make an impact in their bottom age year much like Lukosius, Rankine, Hately and Rozee did last year.


For what it’s worth, he was told last year that Geelong made the decision an hour before the draft that they would draft crameri over him with pick 16 in the rookie draft. So to me he’d be that solid build third tall target forward. Clean hands, a nice field kick and set shot. Average speed, but not great agility. Heading off to the rookie me combine I think


Sam Walsh is Josh Kelly Version 2, he managed 37 disposals on the weekend In what was described as his best game of the year


nowhere near the kicking power of kelly imo. which is what makes kelly, kelly.


I disagree, I think he is one of the better kicks in the draft actually


Oh thats good, the televised games didn’t show it off that much.


Mustn’t have seen this one :stuck_out_tongue:


his best attribute there is always being on the move. but i don’t think that shows kicking power in the same tier as kelly.

to clarify he has some kicks around the 50 that he goes to teammates, i reckon kelly if he had a bit more penetration he should go the shot.

still the out and out first pick for mine (mostly because i think drafting talls in the top 10 is a waste in the currently afl climate)., but i think he looks like his own kind of player. more like a physical mcclug imo.


That’s not a bad comparison either, perhaps a bit quicker than McClug but very much in that mould, he does have the leadership qualities that McClug lacks which also edges him ahead of McClug for me personally


Tom Scully is my two cents, with better inside ability.


Ive had another go at a rolling mock draft


Thanks for the effort on the mock. It’s incredible how a simple read of that makes me feel that Jordan Clark is, and will remain a no-name, and that Jack Bytel will turn out to be an over-aged slow moving spud who scales the heights of mediocrity. Can’t put my finger on why. Just have a gut feeling…:wink:


So…Ely’s a big boy, then…


I want Sydney Stack for the name alone. Sounds like a name for a meal.


Big bodied inside mid, just what the doctor ordered


I want him to play for Sydney.


I have this feeling that if we keep our 1st round pick that jackets will be calling the name of one of the King boys.

There is a hole on our list for a young gun tall that can take a few years to develop.

Will be interesting to see.


I’d be absolutely wrapped with either of them, I haven’t seen better tall key forwards since Daniher


Hately doesn’t sound too shabby either. Are the King boys the 2018 version of the McKay’s?


The McKays except better, injury will be the only thing that will hold them back from being elite key position players at AFL level. Unlike most tall key forwards that haven’t come on like Schache and Boyd the Kings have elite speed and leap. Both are genuinely skilled and composed which is crazy when they are both 202cm