Tac/u18 Thread


Don1 , if you’re interested , GV league final is being streamed tomorrow on Shepparton News site. Few youngies playing including Lachie Ash. Always good to see them playing against grown men.

Ps… Just heard Lachie may not play as he has been selected for the NAB Futures game on Grand Final Day.


So I am behind the 8 ball this year on draft prospects but Hately and Rozee look excellent prospects.

Hately is a good kick and has excellent stoppage craft.

Rozee has good pace and a bit of Orazio about the way he moves. His highlights from his SANFL semi across half back are very impressive.

I wouldn’t be dissapointed if we took a long term approach and drafted hard. Take one at 8 (which will probably be 10) and if another is still there around 11-14 try and swap next year’s first and a couple second rounders to double down on them using the live pick trading. They look very promising.

Collier Dawkins looks interesting.
Bailey Smith looks a jet - where will he go? Looks perfect for Saints or Suns.


This years draft is crap beyond the first round, in fact it drops markedly away after pick 10. The last thing I’d be doing is to swap next years pick.

Hately lacks football IQ, but has some tools.
Rozee is a classic high impact low possession type with massive upside given his body type. Love his ability without the ball and would like to think he do everything that Baguley does, but with the ability to be a match winner.
Collier Dawkins is NQR. Poor kick, lacks consistent production, not a natural mover like the Bont. First few steps out of a stopppage are super quick though and has good hands. For mine lacks balance and lateral movement to impact that the Bont had as a kid. Probably becomes a star.

Smith is a contested bull. Explosive with the ability to play half back and in the middle. Plays round 1 next year. Couldn’t hit the side of a barn coming off half back for Australia earlier in the year though but elite in the contest and is seriously combative.athlete first, footballer second. Judd like at times. Question his genuine football IQ, stoppage craft but has physical tools and competitIveness to be a star. Makes Parish and Smith look like shrinking violets. Serious swagger.


Thanks for the rundown @Scorch . For some reason I was under the impression this draft was a superdraft that batted deep?

For those in the know like yourself and @Humble_Minion where would Will Setterfield sit in this draft class looking purely at his underage performance?

Also, if we stay at 8 (or 10 after priority picks etc) what are our best options?


Not sure I’ll get a chance to watch it, hopefully it find some it’s way to YouTube


The top 7 players in this draft could have claims to go pick 1 in past drafts, depth is the question but the high end talent is some of the best in recent times


So 7 players are as good as McGrath was?


Better imo and I loved McGrath in his draft year


Setterfield is an interesting one, had injuries in his draft year which impacted on where he landed. I think he’d be top 5 in this draft still. I’m biased though. I think he’s the best prospective inside mid to have come through the draft in the last ten years. I followed Cripps closely in his draft year, and rated Setterfield higher for lateral movement, athleticism, spread, versatility, overhead ability, and kicking. Cripps may have had him marginally for production but Setterfield was a better around prospect albeit has been cruelled by injury.

The 8-10 selection depends on our strategy from a trade perspective and whether we adopt a needs based vs best available approach.


I haven’t seen enough of this year’s draft class to answer that question meaningfully to be honest. Though it’s worth noting I thought the 2016 draft was definitely one of the weaker draft batches in recent years.


heh, trust us to get the #1 pick in a dud year.


Twomey has us picking Jye Caldwell with our pick. Thoughts @THE_DON1?


Any highlight packages of Jye?

That Rankine looks like a selfish wanker, if he went to Suns he’d become the next Harley Bennell I reckon.


Injury prone but a very balanced mid in the O’Meara mould


Any highlights of him @THE_DON1


I posted a video of his first quarter a bit earlier on, recommend watching that quarter because he plays pretty well


Cals mock draft


If anyone wants to watch the WAFL 18s Final the 2nd half is about to start on 7live

Luke Foley and Jarrod Cameron the ones to watch


Boyd Woodcock 3 goals in the SANFL final. Rozee didn’t do much.


Road to the Draft
missed parts

Sam Fletcher 27 touches 4 clearances - kicking lets him down invited to state combine
Will Hamill 15 disposals from half back
Bailey Williams 2 goals 12 touches
Riley Bouman 22 hit outs
Sam Sturt - 2 goals 16 disposals - could go anywhere top 20/25
Noah Ainsworth 27 disposals
Riley Collier-Dawkins 19 disposals 1 goal 2 194cm
Mat Row 17yrs old Best on Ground in Grand Final (losing side) 32 touches 11 marks. Potential number 1 pick for next year - plays like Selwood/Oliver.
Rozee played in the grand final and was relatively quiet. could still be in top 3 calculations

Is Ben Silvagni likely to be drafted - Rookie prospect, or late draft.

Is it a super draft? Super 7 quality/elite 8.
Not sure it is a super draft, normal draft but with a couple extra talls at the top.
who will swans take first pick - Match bid for Nick Blakey - Bid 8-12 make sure they use first rd on him.

Why didnt Carlton and Gold coast get a priority pick?
Thats fair.
Carlton has 18 first round picks on their list, Gold Coast has 15 first rounders on their list
Carlton get 2, gold coast get 3. mature age players to choose from (Been eligible for a previous draft but not picked up)

  • Josh Corbett - suns mature ager possible.
  • McAdam - Port/Crows will be interested.

Suns will look for Mature ages to add to list (if they want to come) and Blues will look to trade the players to other clubs for draft picks.