Tac/u18 Thread


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Suns are already getting 3 from the AFL. Why would they want more?


Who on earth would they give away to get pick 17 back… There’s an emerging idea that you load weak teams up with a volume of experienced campaigners with the intention to get a good return at the draft table. On that basis we’ll trade Dea, Colyer, Leuenberger, Myers for pick 1. Am I doing this right? We’ve given them a ruck, inside and outside ability and a defender. I’m sure they’ll be super appreciative!


Or they’re trying to replicate the Suns list through stacking as many draft picks as possible.

These strategies go two ways.


Suns might feel they have enough early picks and need some mature bodies in there. Carlton are getting 2 mature age state league players and Gold Coast are getting 3. There has been some talk of Carlton and the Suns coming to some sort of agreement where the Suns hand over pick 17 and in return Carlton on trade the two mature agers. Could also be some later picks involved but that would give the Suns access to the 5 best mature age State league players in the land so Collins, Pickett, Grigg, Hind etc.


It would be a good off season for them if they can do that. Credit to SOS if he can pull it off.

So that’s McGovern, Shiel, Setterfield and Walsh plus a couple of late picks.


Like us last year a stack of cards need to fall into place. Hopefully Shiel and or Setterfield tell them to GAGF as do the Suns



So they’ve whinged all year about only having kids, please let us have extra access to mature agers
That gets granted
And they trade the picks away

Couldn’t write this ■■■■.


Yeah I hope Setterfield chooses us instead.


They would effectively be trading 2x state league players for McGovern.
The AFL knew this would happen and wanted it to happen otherwise they would have put restrictions on clubs ontrading the mature age players.
All about optics, the AFL scores points from the other 16 clubs and fans by not giving out a PP and at the same time come out smelling like roses for giving them access to mature age players


Jeremy Sharp has some nice tools

Biggie Nyoun playing a blinder, is he a Gach bro?

Rowell is a mini bull

Will Gould needs to grow a few cm, otherwise he’s a beauty

Georgiades needs a haircut but will be a 1st rounder if he plays midfield next year


Related to Gach but not sure if cousin or brother


Interesting that Gold Coast seem like they’d be happy to add 5 state leaguers. Pretty easy to tell that Dew is from the Sydney school of wanting mature bodies in the team.
Almost sounds like they’re going to start from scratch with a list that largely wants to be there, even if they are down on talent.


Dew needs hungry players and not just hungry because he has polished off the buffet


The answer to that is fairly obvious, I would have thought.


It sounds like rubbish. GCS also have 26, 29 and 38. Why would they use 17 when they can likely outbid anyone else with those picks? Or just trade those guys for fringe players. Tim Kelly has shown this year mature players aren’t especially loyal for the opportunity.

Also, just how deep is the cut going to be? They take 5 mature agers plus 2, 3, 26, 29 and whatever they get for May and that is 9 picks while throwing away 38 and 41.

Better to keep the high end picks like 17 and take the best kids they can, and trade out the later picks.


Not to me. Appears idiotic.


What can I say - I’m an idiot :slight_smile:


Well, you could say why you think it’s obvious. Maybe you have a POV I haven’t considered.


It does appear idiotic and I’d hope they say no to it but they did trade out pick 2 for Weller lol. Carlton are definitely asking the question though and good luck to them for trying.
I’d say they ontrade their mature agers to any willing party