Tac/u18 Thread


I’m sure you’ve considered everything.
My thought was that one team needs mature players to help lead the young inexperienced ones, having lost a large amount and draft picks won’t do that, while the 2nd team needs fresh young talent to go with the age demographic they are building, and has access to mature lower-leaguers that they do not have much use for.

In other words- if one of them needs picks more than players and vice versa, it fits.


Suns also need players who want to be there.
They had a heads up from the AFL months ago that this was happening and have actively been scouting and chatting to state league players.


Fair enough.


Sorry, I can’t accept SOS getting a pat on the back ever again.

He thought he was sooo smart, with his draft strategy of taking all GWS’ depth players on the cheap…well it was been an overwhelming failure.

In fact, SOS has been such a failure that the AFL is having to give Carlton extra draft concessions to make up for it. They should have insisted that SOS be sacked as a prerequisite.

The only thing SOS has done well is play the poor beggar…“Help me…help me…please…”

Carlton’s extra concessions are a scam, they are unjustified, they are ■■■■ house.


You do realise SOS hasn’t been in charge of recruitment very long? Bit early to be saying if he’s a success or not.


Might be ok in recruiting but his talent ID is garbage.


The question is why do GCS want a 4th and 5th state player? When they have picks and cap that they can probably get mature aged fringe players already.


Here’s another - why have the teams been given the option of trading their mature pre-recruits for draft picks?


I think they’d be better off with the 2 x state league players and the cash they’ll save.


“Because ■■■■ you, that’s why.jpg”


Ah, so they can get picks? Why would that effect why it’s a good move for GCS to get a 4th and 5th mature age players?


My point is - in answer to your question - mature(er) pre-draft recruits are a trade-able commodity. At least that’s how they are being sold. So a seller and a buyer. We can go around in circles here, because neither of us knows wtf GC or farkcarlton will do, but GC have a lot of picks and will get more prior to the draft - maybe more than they want to use. More than anyone else.


Except you originally replied to my post “why would they want more” (GCS with mature players) with “isn’t it obvious?”

You’ve then not answered why it would be obvious that GCS would want 5, instead talking about the picks being tradesble commodities. So? I questioned why GCS would want 5 of them, and give up pick 18 to get them. Not that it could’ happen or that the AFL didn’t intend them to be traded.


No probs, you’re more likely to be right than I am.




I think I’m gonna go early and claim Jeremy Sharp

Not much in the way of talls for next year??


Not of the quality of the Kings but still some with some likeable traits. Jeka, Worell, May and Gould look like good key position prospects. Georgiades if he got a growth spurt would be an interesting prospect in the first round aswell

Sharp is very outside but he is smart and a good runner and ball user. Looks like a taller and quicker Gaff.


Looks like a young Ben cousins. Has the 90s boy band haircut to match


I’m keen to see how RCD goes on the athletic testing.