Tac/u18 Thread


screw the draft im all in on the mega trades.


Won’t perform well in the leap tests but should be middle of the row for endurance. His 20m sprint time should be solid but I expect his time over 5m to be right up there.


But the draft this year also has trading





What’s the view on Connor Thar? Colleague at work knows him, sounds talented but may not have got an invite to the combine?


Very small accumulator with only ok speed and skills. Tries hard but looks to be a similar type to Ben Cavara who dominated at TAC level but just didn’t have the tricks to make it onto an AFL list


I can see Gold coast giving other clubs option to take mature agers,
ie they get ellis off tigers and tigers get access to mature age state player.
Especially given they may not wish to go to the gold coast and stay in home state.


I want Ely Smith with a later pick if he gets that far down the order.


If we keep 8/9 would want Rozee or Hately if they are still available.



Is Bailey Smith testing @THE_DON1?


No he is still recovering from a foot/ankle injury I believe


Is it possible that Bailey Smith slides in this draft . Knightmare is a huge fan .


Does he have dodgy groins?


I want Rozee.
Bring me Rozee.


O’Halloran and Smith are testing quite well; there doesn’t seem to be any stand outs in the testing this year


Have said it for ages - O’Halloran is the best pure inside mid in the draft



Firstly you deserve a medal for the amount of quality content in this thread. I feel you’re maybe a little under appreciated given we’ve gone into a trade frenzy after last year’s SSS miracle.

Secondly, if we did keep our pick 9, who would you like us to get?