Tac/u18 Thread


Cheers mate i appreciate it :slight_smile:

Well I would personally go best available with this draft, of a King twin was available I’d take them in a heartbeat considering we may not get a chance of drafting a tall of their quality for a decade. So in this order for me not including academy players

O’Halloran - This one is hardest I have about 6 players in this range


Love your work, mate.

Just out of interest, what puts Caldwell, C-D & O’Halloran ahead of Hately in your mind?


Speed/explosiveness but all 3 have a point of difference

Caldwell - Skill/balanced game
RCD - Upside/height
O’Halloran - Leadership/explosiveness

Hately is still in the ballpark for me but I guess I just prefer what those players offer


Thanks mate, good to know. I really wish that there were some more highlights of Caldwell available - have heard good things but I know he’s also had injury concerns throughout the year as well.


Lacks stoppage craft and 4 quarter consistency. A fair way off being the best.


Saints want him


Caldwell sounds like a Luke Parker type. Just a damn good midfielder. I’d be happy with him if we could guarantee his fitness issues are able to be sorted.

He seems like the type that would make an immediate presence.


@Aceman ya boi


His stoppage craft is decent without being a major strength of his. It will improve in an AFL environment with elite coaching. His break away pace and strength is elite. 4 qtr consistency is very true, if he improves that it will see him rack up big numbers of the ball. Which is what you want as he’s such a damaging impact player.


Butcher is aceman’s boy


His stoppage craft is non-existent. The correlation between this craft and consistency across 4 quarters is stand out. Eyes wide open here, that you’re drafting a gun half forward/wing type who plays onball at under age level but who often struggled to win clearances even at St Bernard’s and can’t go 4 quarters. Stoppage craft isn’t easy to teach incidentally.


He sounds like a Caddy-type of forward to me and I’m still trying to work out how Caddy had such a good year tbh


There are similarities HM… I think Caddy is and was better overhead as a kid, and was a bull at the stoppages… O’Halloran powerful but less so in a combative way if that makes sense. Quicker than Caddy definitely .Could be that second possession mid maybe, but I’m not convinced he’s smart enough around the footy despite having that power and electric speed. Both lack 4 quarter involvement but can impact in the forward line.


Is top 5 in the TAC for average clearances…


Has some moments here.
Might he be available around pick 32?


Is he How did this stat line correlate at Nationals? And, at a broader philosophical level should it be a used as a predictor for future clearance potential at AFL level?


He played mostly forward in the nationals, he shares the average clearance number top 5 with Bailey Smith, Liam Stocker and James Rowbottom and I see those players being clearance players at the next level.

I think O’Halloran will be used in the middle purely for that burst factor not so much as an extractor like a Cripps.


What I was driving at was that O’Halloran isn’t considered to be a stoppage gun by any stretch from a comparative top line perspective. His games at National Level were underwhelming. 0 against SA, and possibly 1 against Vic Country from memory… TAC cup is a little freer and it allows him to amass possessions which aren’t AFL transferable from a process perspective. Ducking out the back as he often does and running through the clearance at juniors is great… At the next level he’ll be smashed to pieces! I’m not writing him off but he needs to acquire some AFL level stoppage ability.

I’d say that you’re right. He’s probably going to be a Half - forward mid type, like Curtis Taylor… Bursts in and out then use his speed on a flank.


Who have you got your eye on for our pick 9 Scorch?

(Personally I like Rozee but I doubt he’ll get to us)


SI, I like Ian Hill personally… It’s the name that no one mentions, and doesn’t appear to be a natural fit both in order and list needs, but the kid was elite leading into last year’s draft as a bottom ager. Top line speed, agility and skill and can tackle! A little like Cyril! Would make our forward line and midfield super super dangerous when the ball hits the deck to have a devastating trio of Tippa, Raz and Hill… I couldn’t see anyone in the league being able to defend that sort of talent!

Or we could just trade it for Martin!

It’s intersting, everyone keeps telling us we need pure midfielders… I just think we need more X factor that can tackle and run!