Tac/u18 Thread


If you where underwhelmed with his midfield ability in the champs I’m not surprised because he didn’t really get much of a go, his stats for the champs playing as a forward where actually pretty solid, not outstanding but encouraging to showcase some versatility as he has played mostly as a pure midfielder for the Jets.

I ageee with some of your concerns but I don’t think his ability to win clearances is one of them, how he wins them is rather predicable but he will always give 100% when he tries to win the ball and for me he has been the type to try and lift his team and has nailed goals when his side needed it most. His leadership and athletic ability for me make him very draftable and I think the positives far outway the negatives.


Is this the conversation that never ends? Lol. ‘You hang up’…!


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Thats where Setterfield (albeit in a few years time) for a second rounder would complement a Hill selection


At the end of last year Dodoro was asked about what he thought of this years draft and he listed a few players to look out for and one was Ian Hill. Wouldn’t be suprised if we have him in mind if we keep our pick.


Yep potentially! Or maybe he just plays next year round 1! How exciting would that be?

The interesting thing is that everyone is trying to get us to play like the past premiership team! Big inside players typically getting it out, contested ball etc etc…

What about we just become the leading uncontested team in the comp? How does that work? Well we’ve got the quickest side around that we just explode from every contest that every possssion becomes uncontested! We burn teams in space while ripping it through the corridor with good kicking… I loved the waves we ran in last year, let’s get even better at it through introducing even quicker players!


Good strategy. From memory (I know we don’t want to talk about it) but our earlier losses, particularly against FC was when the opposition zoned well and didn’t give us that inside kick to break the game open. The eagles shut this down against the pies in the GF. If that game was open slingshot, pies win. Thats where the Daniher, McKernan combo needs to play for when our running game is closed down for periods and be used as the down the line targets (ala Darling). You need different plans for periods of the game (on our terms or not). We know when its on our terms good luck catching us (Vs Eagles). Earlier in the year we just didn’t adapt to what the opposition through at us, we were deers in headlights and you could see what was unfolding. The wet has thrown us off in games too…higher risk of turnover going inside in slippery conditions. We have the list imo (one more classy player would top it off) the rest is all strategy, implementation, the fight to compete and what’s above the shoulders.


I feel Rozee has joined the top group of choices.

If he wasn’t available, I’d be leaning toward Ian Hill. His last few seasons have been derailed by injury, much upside.

If @benfti had not have abandoned us he would have a good read on him.


Yep fully agree, do we need a little more height in the middle and up forward when we need to play slow? Medium mids and forwards? A little more class would be great. Josh Kelly would fit in perfectly wouldn’t he?


Essendon backline transition:
Plan A - Franga/McKenna centering pass
Plan B - Saad/McKenna breaking lines
Plan C - Long kick to Daniher/McKernan


Essendon get a minor mention in this article about the Irish prospects:

If we wanted, we could fill our three Cat B slots with Lavender + Hanna + another Irishman?


Here is my biased view on O’Halloran as I know him personally…

Not a forward at all… pure midfielder that runs hard both ways and attacks the contest with everything he has. He can extract the ball like a selwood or burst away and hit a long target like a Cotchin. Playing for St Bernards he often played just a half for the sake of not burning him out. It can also be harder for some players to drop down a level and make an obvious impact (same thing as balta last year for St bernards).

Seen some good comparisons to cotchin, leadership aside… Great burst out speed, clean hands and a penetrating kick. Yes, he can go forward, or even kick a long goal from the midfield, but if his career is long and successful at AFL level, he’ll be a pure midfielder. He’s a recruiters dream, in terms of no off field issues or motivation issues. Will always get the most out of his body. Would love him at the club but 9 is too high and he won’t be there at our next pick. Will go anywhere between 15-25


I like the sound of that Tohill 198cm, 2.95s 20m and would have solid skills finished 12th in the kicking, having had exposure from his father who played ressies for Melbourne back in the 90s

He’d likely be a tall back though and we have plenty of those already


Now that the academy picks are points based, can they still be put on the list as Cat Bs? Or was that just the initial phase when it was guys most clubs didn’t want?


To be honest, I searched for an answer before posting…and couldn’t find any recent articles on it.

So, happy for anyone else to explain whether Multicultural Academy candidates can go onto the Rookie B list.


My best understanding is that they’re under the same rules as the northern academy clubs. If they’re not taken in the main draft, you can put them on the B list.


Are we getting Conor a translater?


Filling up the rookie B list? Yes please.


Nice of us to find a translator for Connor


I’d be happy to pick him up if available. Conor is a gem, and any Irish kids would have a great role model should they come to the club.