Tac/u18 Thread


Smell ya later don1


We might need to start looking beyond the first two rounds for young kids now


Gone quiet in here. I guess we will try to keep GWS second rounder we picked up last year. Dodoro might even be able to get ours back. Having a couple of seconds this year would be ok.

I wouldn’t even be thinking like this if I’d not seen his dealing prowess last year.


Those 2nd rounders May even be swapped, would prefer that over just trading 2 first rounders. I can see Dodoro wanting to have a top 20 pick this year


Just over a month until this years AFL draft and here is my current top 30

1 Sam Walsh Geelong Faclons/Vic Country 183 74
2 Jack Lukosius Woodville-West Torrens/South Australia 194 85
3 Nick Blakey Sydney Swans Academy/Allies 195 80
4 Izak Rankine West Adelaide/South Australia 180 76
5 Ben King Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro 202 85
6 Max King Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro 202 86
7 Bailey Smith Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro 185 82
8 Connor Rozee North Adelaide/South Australia 185 71
9 Tarryn Thomas North Melbourne Academy/Allies 189 73
10 Ian Hill Perth/WA 175 76
11 Jye Caldwell Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country 184 78
12 Riley Collier-Dawkins Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro 193 88
13 Xavier O’Halloran Western Jets/Vic Metro 187 83
14 Xavier Duursma Gippsland Power/Vic Country 185 71
15 Jackson Hately Central Districts/South Australia 190 81
16 Liam Stocker Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro 183 83
17 Bailey Williams Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country 198 95
18 Rhylee West Western Bullodgs FS/Vic Metro 180 80
19 Sam Sturt Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country 188 79
20 Chayce Jones Launceston/Allies 180 74
21 Isaac Quaynor Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro 182 82
22 Zac Butters Western Jets/Vic Metro 181 70
23 Luke Valente Norwood/South Australia 186 80
24 Ely Smith Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country 188 86
25 Sydney Stack Perth/WA 177 72
26 Bailey Scott North Melbounre FS/Allies 186 74
27 Josh Kemp Calder Cannons/Vic Metro 184 73
28 James Rowbottom Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro 185 78
29 Tom Berry GWV Rebels/Vic Country 185 76
30 Jordan Clark Claremont/Western Australia 182 78


You will notice a relatviely unknown player in my rankings being Josh Kemp, not much of him sinc ehe came from school footy but he is a personal favourite of mine, a few highlights below

Watch the 32:20 to 32:50 mark in this vid

Opening highlight, kid with long sleeves

The 1.51:30 mark he hurts his arm and watch him get back up and make a huge chase, awesome dedication

14:25 mark, nice finish at goal

Takes a really nice mark at the 1.01.50 mark


Berry with #34!


He’s a rangy lookin’ thing, not too dissimilar to Redman when he first started up forward

Hope to see Hanna in our VFL system, unless he gets picked up, which I can’t really see happening tbh


Very rangy and plenty of upside, got a state combine invite only having the played 3 TAC games before it. Has the skills, leap, speed and determination to be an effective forward in the modern game, will of course take a few years to have an AFL ready body.

Hanna has been promising but is surplus to requirements as a key defender, we are easily spoiled with that role especially with Mason Fletcher coming in.


hey mate. what’s your knock on Jordan Clark?

most other mock drafts and power rankings have him listed in the 14 - 24 range, just case of prefering others or not seen much of him?

also, do you know much about jez McLennan?

cheers for the time you put into sharing your knowledge and insight


Clark to me plays very outside and as a defender his high numbers came with a complete disrespect to the opposition forward, if I’m picking a small defender or rebounding defender in the top 20 they need to show an ability to defend which I’m yet to see from him. Sure he looks great when he is getting a lot of the ball and running out of defence but a lot of players can win a lot of the ball down back when they don’t have an opponent.

He isn’t a strong intercept marker either which is also a query for me.

I really like McLennan and he has hovered in the 25-35 range for me all year, now he is one that defends well and is a strong intercept player. His speed is probably his main query and his skills are decent but not exactly damaging. Coaches would love him and I can see him becoming a best 22 defender at AFL level


thanks mate, disappointing to hear. how do they stack up against quaynor?


Quaynor is a fantastic defender and runs hard offensively and defensively, he projects as a McGrath style player although purely as a defender. Can do a job on a dangerous small forward while also providing good counter attack, also a ripping kid and very likeable.


Is that you Xavier?


Nice work… A couple of potential drifters/risers for mine.
Collier Dawkins doesn’t have the substance that the Bont had, and think he could drift to late first round, although everyone wants the prototype… Questions on his kicking and balance for mine. Versatility too.
Duursma don’t rate by foot. Mid 20’s
Jones meh. A bit small, and nothing that screams AFL star. I’d draft him in the second to third
Rowbottom I like but can’t kick and isn’t super quick (projects as a tagger for mine at the next level). Third to fourth rounder despite All Australian form.
Bailey Williams - It doesn’t make sense (just as it didn’t with Grundy) but I’m thinking around 18-20 as he’s a ruck
Valente might be one who drifts because of athletic profile. Late twenties potemtaillly

Stocker- Back end of the season,romantic comparisons with Shuey. Firms to around 12-13.
Sturt - Testing and back end of season display… 15 -17 for mine
Clark - Much better than 30. Early 20’s. Very good player. Tested ok.
Berry- Moves to mid to early 20’s because of size and upside

Who else should be in there

McHenry - mid 20’s. Pressure Forward at next level. Gun player, deserves some love

Bytel- Notwithstanding injuries is good enough, the right size and won’t drift

Taylor Inconsistent but can play. Lock him in for mid twenties at worst.


Appreciate you sharing your thoughts, how much TAC footy have you attended this year?

RCD is a personal favourite of mine and has been since Round 1,I think the kid just has it, production isn’t there but I’ve been thinking of by many scouts not to get sucked into stats, when he got more midfield time he produced as he showed in the finals, his kicking is better than Hatelys but still not perfect. I think Clayton Oliver is a better comparison than Bont.

Duursma isn’t an elite kick but he does enough in terms of his versatility, attitude and marking ability for his size. I’m thinking maybe projects as a Cam Guthrie type

Jones is a hard one to rate I think he ends up a better version of Guelfi, hearing he won’t go later than 20

Rowbottom is another one I like more than others, screams Worpel. His speed is pretty solid for his position, has a good 5m burst and reads the taps well and is a willing tackler.

Williams will benefit with some of the new rule changes, his athletic ability means he could be anything.

Valente another hard to rate and your right about his athletic profile which is my main query but I look at someone like Heppell who isn’t overly quick and it doesn’t stop Valente from winning plenty of the ball and he can usually get a quick first few metres for separation, dual sided and a long kick of the footy helps him.

Can’t argue with Stocker, was tempted to put him higher although his speed isn’t much better than Rowbottoms

Would have liked to have seen Sturt used in other positions, being a pure 3rd tall forward is what has him as a late first rounder for me, reminds me of Bailey Fritsch

Yeah everyone likes Clark I just don’t like his style of play tbh, prefer defenders who can defend

I had Berry early 20s last month, looking back at footage I’m a bit worried about his decision making, his athletic ability means he could be anything still.

McHenry I’ve always had in the 20-35 range, his size, lack of speed and meh kicking have him a bit lower for me. Like his attack, endurance and tackling pressure just unsure on how effective he goes at the next level where the game is quicker.

Bytels speed and kicking worry me a bit but he is a ball magnet and good decision maker at stoppages, a lack of versatility might hurt aswell. Not sure how much the back injury has effected him and it may have swayed my thoughts on him.

Taylor doesn’t convince he as a mid and as a forward I don’t think he does enough defensively and his kicking is also inconsistent. Has talent but his defensive ability, ok speed and inconsistency to win the hard ball have me doubtful


well that’s ■■■■. can’t stand when Collingwood get nice things.



I had the same feeling with Stephenson last year, I rated him at 2


Enough of the games to get a good read lol. Yourself? First year? Love your enthusiasm.


Haha yeah I don’t really count after a dozen or so which I guess is the same for you

I’ve been interested in this stuff for 8 years but have only started going to games and scouting on a weekly basis since 2016. Currently writing for AFL Draft Central which is a step in the right to direction to hopefully becoming an AFL scout