Tac/u18 Thread


Would much rather hanna to fletcher as he has natural athleticism. However I assume fletch is a guarantee to be rookied. Would prefer to see him have a full over age year at calder, whilst playing a few vfl games


Hey TD1. I noticed in an article in afl.com.au that Tom Lewis was at the SA State Combine which suggests that there was not enough interest from clubs to generate an invitation to the National combine. I think you had him in your top 30 for most of the season. Could he now be someone who might slide to the third round or later? I remember you described him as playing a bit like Viney. Could be a great get for us???


SA Draft Combine results

20m sprint
Jake Tarca (South Adelaide) 2.96 seconds
Isaac Saywell (Norwood) 2.97 seconds
Jacob Collins (Norwood) 2.98 seconds

Yo-Yo test
Kai Pudney (Woodville-West Torrens) Level 22.1
Isaac Saywell (Norwood) Level 21.6
Tom Lewis (Sturt) Level 21.4

Agility test
Kai Pudney (Woodville-West Torrens) 7.90 seconds
Boyd Woodcock (North Adelaide) 8.09 seconds
Tom Lewis (Sturt) 8.15 seconds
Job Colwell (South Adelaide) 8.15 seconds


A Viney style player but he does lack a bit of speed and polish, hard as a cats head and tackles hard as a pressure forward. I still like him but yeah as a 3rd round or even rookie looks about right.


Twomeys updated top 30 is out, some changes compared to mine

Curtis Taylor
Jez McLennan (At 31 for me)
Will Kelly
Connor McFadyen
Ed McHenry

Bailey Williams
Sydney Stack
Josh Kemp
James Rowbottom
Tom Berry

Most of those players are in the 20s for both of us which I believe shows that it’s extremely close in the 20-40 range.


Good stuff. Yep been to more than a few games in recent times that’s for sure! You should be speaking to St Kilda and Carlton… they’re in desperate need of some scouting talent based on the quality of their lists and recent drafting efforts.


Don’t understand the lack of love for Williams! McFadyen is a bit of a truck for mine. Good calls on McHenry and Taylor though :wink:


Who’s the smoky for this year (with the exception of Sturt who we already know will be picked early)? … My thoughts are Harry Reynolds could potentially come from nowhere! Over 190cm, plays inside mid and played mostly school footy. Thoughts TD?


Yeah I really like him aswell although he may go lower for being a jack of all trades type player.

Most TAC state invite players go past pick 50 so if their is a bolter it will come from the National Combine i reckon


Thoughts on Ely Smith, mate?

Could be one who slides through to our second pick (if we still have one).


I like him, pure contested inside mid who is consistent. Fits the description but lacks explosiveness and speed which may see him drift a little. He is often targeted by opposition coaches because of his ability to win the ball at the coal face.


Few of these guys kicking round in this years draft. Ross is another one who fits the same description.


What about the quality of his disposal? Can you comment?


It’s ok, not horrible but not elite either


Cheers mate. It’ll be interesting to see what picks we’re left with but he looks like a potentially great fit for a second rounder.


WA Draft Combine results

20m sprint
Wil Hickmott (Subiaco) 2.86 seconds
Jason Carter (Peel) 2.87 seconds
Dylan Curley (East Fremantle) 2.91 seconds

Yo-Yo test
Wil Hickmott (Subiaco) Level 21.3
Jarvis Pina (Peel) Level 21.1
Jack Mayo (Subiaco)/Tom Medhat (West Perth) Level 20.8
Matthew Parker (South Fremantle) Level 20.6

Agility test
Wil Hickmott (Subiaco) 8.13 seconds
Jarvis Pina (Peel) 8.15 seconds
Louis Miller (East Perth) 8.18 seconds


Hickmott the obvious standout; father/son to FCFC Adrian


The former EFC coach? Now at Eagles. We all thought he was uber crap!!


Any other good ones there, small forwards?