Tac/u18 Thread


Bailey Williams the big omission for me, the new rule changes make him an even more attractive prospect


What’s the knock on Mitch Podhajski? Since moving to the midfield, he’s been a revelation hasn’t he? A contested and tackling beast, who can go forward and take contested marks and kick goals. Came 7th in the agility test at the 2017 combine. Was rated Coburg’s best player in the VFL one week too.


Contested and tackling beast is a bit of a stretch, his not overly quick and his kicking can inconsistent. Might be good value for depth but I wouldn’t say he is a top 50 prospect by any means.


Clubs will have queries on his best position, personally, I think he’ll be that 2nd ruck/FF and a damn good one


At the very least, his tap work is actually very decent. He is a taller and more athletic version of McKernan, goal kicking technique does need a lot of work though.


Parker is a small/medium forward.


From a future list balance POV, he’d be about perfect if still there at 32 (and we still had that pick).


As much as I’d love another inside mid if he is available at that pick I’m jumping all over him. He has a ready made body aswel so would help with the ruck stocks. Him and Draper could make a very dangerous paring in the coming years.


Eli Smith has a ready made physique. Check out the photo on afl.com.au showing him at the combine.
I would be happy with him at our second pick, but wonder if we already have a player like him in Mynott.


Sincere question for TD1, HM and Scorch.

Who or what type of player is your favourite as a fan? I’m interested to know how much your preferences for players may affect your ratings. Do you find what you’re looking for in players because you’re looking for it?


I personally like players that have a bit of go about them, so contested players I like but I also like players with leadership and class. If your very outside then you better be quick and skilful or else I’m not a fan.

As far as personal favourites go mine is Collier-Dawkins, I rated him last year before the growth spurt and he just really excites me watching live just to see the potential. I have a preference for midfielders aswell since I think they are usually the most consistent and effective players as a whole at AFL level which is why I rate Walsh at 2 and not Lukosius or the King Twins.


Love balance poise and a good side step in traffic, and someone who thrives in big match conditions when the pressure is on… my non negotiable is being good by foot. It’s for this reason that I love Rankine and Rozee.


I think the most important attribute when assessing youth is their haircut


I’ve seen exactly one TAC game this year so I’m talking in generalities rather than specifics.

I like mids who can get the ball in traffic and dispose of it a) accurately (a low quality clearance is no clearance) and b) without relying on body size or brute force to smash through. Vision and lateral mobility are king. I’m aware I tend to undervalue outside guys and accumulators unless they can show me a point of difference in some other aspect of their skill set (size, footspeed, kicking, ability to switch deep forward or back, or whatever). I’m bad at evaluating defensive efforts and non-preferred kicking skills, and terrible at evaluating non-preferred handball.

I mark down a kpp who becomes a non-factor when the ball hits the ground, but a kpf who can’t win an aerial contest is almost a line-through-the-name moment. There ARE exceptions - Alex Johnson was one.

A bloke who plays kpp or lead-up forward at 190-191cm at junior level or ruck at 195 (there are lots) needs to be looked at hard and skeptically, because you know they’re going to need a different position in the AFL and you’ve got to look at their toolset to find where that might be. NO’B was one pick I wasn’t excited about, for this reason.

A bad kicking style generally has me ruling you out, but it’s not quite the dealbreaker it used to be, particularly for defensive talls. I think clubs are getting better at rebuilding kicking actions. Hartley was the king of scrappy scrubbing 25m footfarts as a u18, now he bombs the thing a mile. And the Tigers drafted Garthwaite despite a dreadful kicking action too, though the jury is still a little out on him.


Thanks guys. Really appreciate the discussion you generate in this thread.


Which NRL player are we going to get to skilful teach our players how to drop dead tackle???


34,66,86 at the draft
Who do we get?


The guy who we couldn’t believe was still there at our pick


Hopefully Williams, and then one of Parker or Pickett.

At the moment we have only two ND picks and one rookie pick.


Tom Berry, Matthew Lloyd, Billy Hartung.