Team 20 - Who's Next

I’d say it’s a 3rd WA team, NT I don’t think happens for many reasons.

Maybe Canberra but I think they would have retention issues like Tasmania will (perhaps not as bad)

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Hopefully the league collapses on itself by then.


Its too hot. Darwin averages 25-30 degrees year round.

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What about New Zealand? Works for the NRL

The Blitz Losers


I’d cut it down to 16 teams.
Send Kangas to Tassie.
Adios GWS.
Adios Gold Coast.

Do we really want 20 teams? We can’t even make the 8 now, let alone adding more teams.


Give Essington the 20th license.


Do they have decent stadiums? I dunno? We would need the nz govt to build it

NZ likes rugby though

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Last time I read, there was 10,000 households on the West Coast waiting list. There is probably more now.

There are thousands of WA fans who would love to go and watch a Perth team at Optus Stadium. Imagine all the mining tycoons who would want a piece too.


TV rights, gambling and advertising revenue is all that matters. That’s why the AFL will want 20 teams.

How many on Freos?

No idea.

Yeah true.
I just feel this comp is not big enough for 20 teams.
How many people are GSW getting to a game?
Gold Coast?
I don’t think we need 10 vic clubs. Get rid of Kangas. Maybe Saints. Or doggies. Or both. Or ship em off. The NT Bulldogs, the Tassie Kangas and the NZ Saints. Yeah don’t mind it…

Wonder if by the time a 20th team rolls around whether the AFL would open itself up to a private ownership model

Could work if there’s significant big money support for a 3rd WA team for example

Only one that would be “AFL standard” would be Wellington. Eden Park is waaaaaaaay to small

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The AFL are going to have their hands full with Gold Coast, GWS & Tassie. They are going to require heaps of funding.

God knows what will happen with North Melbourne.

Imagine bringing in Joondalup or Bunbury…

Just make it Perth.


I don’t think they care about that tbh, particularly this early in their existence. They play Essendon and people tune in, and Carlton, fans will tune in and punt when they play Collingwood, Richmond etc

It maximises the big teams exposure which they can sell, their stand alone viability isn’t that important. Then one day they might be big themselves, in 50 years time.

Just give the license to mick mcguanes Keilor football club.

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And what were they thinking? Throw out one of the oldest Sydney clubs to help an unaffiliated city.