Team: Essendon v Adelaide

May be it is time for a few changes, and introducing some more of the 2020 draft. As the VFL isn’t going anywhere this year, the best place for some of these young guys right now is to play in the AFL side. Here is my team for next Friday night. I also assume that Francis will not be available,
B. Laverde Stewart Reid

HB. Hind Ridley Heppell
C. Cox Merrett Langford
R. Draper Stringer Parish
HF Durham* Wright Snelling
F. Jones Hooker Tippa
IC. Redman Smith Perkins Bryan*

EMERG. Waterman Cutler Ham Guelfi

  • Three guys to be given a promotion to the AFL side.

We need a stay-at-home CHF. Against Geelong often the forward line was deserted. Most inside 50’s were lost and the Cats easily rebounded. Therefore Wright STAYS at CHF.
Time for Reid to come back in and Ridley to return to CHB (against Walker). Bryan and Draper share the ruck. Against the Cats Draper was worn down by their two ruckman alternating on him to diminish his dominance. Bryan has been performing well in the VFL, time for him to have a crack at AFL.
Big praises for Durham. Ham hasn’t come up to AFL standard, very poor last night. Durham just might just be the player to give the forward line a bit more life rather than relying on Tippa to do all the hard work.
As much as any supporter wants to see their team play finals. At this stage, Essendon isn’t ready. Get games into these young players now so that they gain experience and confidence at playing at AFL level. Essendon could still end up with ten wins for the season. That would be a very good result seeing many scribes said they would be lucky to win a game. Such nonsense.


Lav, Zerk/ Reid, Redman

Hind, Ridley, Hepp

Cutler, Zerrett, Durham

Smith, Jones, Waterman/ Cahill

Stringer, Stewart, Walla

Followers :
Draper, Parish, Langford


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I want Durham in the side, but not in a position he hasn’t been playing at all.

Much prefer he gets a run in the “cutler” role across HB, could also play up on the wing.


Redman Stewart Reid
Heppell LAV Ridley

Stringer 2MP Snelling
Tippa Draper Jones

Merrett Parish Langford Smith Hind Ham Cutler Waterman Perkins

Sub Cox

In Bryan, Reid
Out Hooker Guelfi

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it’s gonna be Friday night apparently

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Merrett and parish will get 120+ between them.

Sadly, walker will kick 7 and we’ll take 4 marks inside 50.


Outs are easy. Ins less so.

Out: cutler, ham, waterman
In: durham, guelfi, cahill/zerk depending if we need another tall down back

This is pretty much what I’d be looking for - except I’d leave Cutler out and bring back Guelfi. Guelfi can be a bit costly — but he has attitude, as do Smith & Red Dog. The current Essendon squad has too many nice middle-class boys in it to live up to Truck’s blue collar ethos. Aggro is in short supply here. Stewart has proven he’s not a back; Chooker seriously needs a rest, so Stewart should be put at FF.

They’ll take 16 in our D50.

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I’m a bit concerned that teams are just happy to let Merrett and Parish dominate and beat us every where else to get the win

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Except they didn’t. Guthrie was trying to lock down on Parish but failed miserably


There are a lot of positives from last night, not least being we can start looking to next year.
In: Bryan (time to get some big boy experience); Durham (have a look); and Reid (a must for the future).
Out: Hooker (wonderful player and clubman; but, fathertime has knocked the door down); Cutler (surely blew his last chance); and Ham (panics, kicks the ball up and under and not as quick as people, seem, to think).


Apart from the first qrt and Parish there wasn’t many positives. last night was terrible up there with the Port and Lions losses

Play Durham.

IN: Guelfi Reid Bryan Durham
OUT: Waterman Hooker Wright Cutler


Think Cox needs to be rested. He looks buggered.

Hasn’t really hit his stride since the bye.

Or perhaps opposition players are putting more time into him?

In: Durham, Guelfi, Clarke
Out Waterman, Cutler, Ham

If they don’t wanna rest the first year players start rotating them through the sub position.

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Out: Cutler (never again please, we have seen enough), Ham (needs to go back to VFL and develop his entire game because right now, he isn’t AFL standard). Hooker.

In: Cahill? Durham? Phillips or Bryan for Hooker.


Please don’t bring your glass half empty negativity into another thread.

This is a new game. New week. Time to move on and consider we’re not a 22-0 side this year.


I think Adelaide are favourites for this game.

We look really tired, and have very few changes we can make.