Team possibilities IF back 6 is all out

B: Tippa - BZT - Gleeson
Hb: Zaharakis - McBride - McGrath
C: Cutler - Merrett - Langford
Hf: Stringer - McKernan - Smith
F: laverde - Stewart - fantasia
R: Bellcho - Shiel - Parish

Int: Townsend - Snelling - Clarke - Cahill

B: Gleeson BZT Guelfi
HB: Laverde McBride Cutler

In: Sam Michael


I’d rather forfeit then hand Carlton a free win.


Indoors for more than 2 hours? I don’t expect a weights session to be more than 1 hour.
Close contact out doors ? 15 minutes in their face. Nah. Its more like anyone living with him or spending the evening with him in his lounge room that’s they issue.


Are we to be forced to play with a depleted list and disrupted preparation? Has the AFL stated what tipping point is? If a team can be directed to play with 6 players missing due to Covid, then what if there’s 9 missing? 15 missing? What is the cut off?

It’s a complicated formula based on the time of year, the length of time until the next game, the jumper they intend to wear and fark you that’s why.


I reckon they would be competitive against FC.

We weren’t going to beat the Pies anyway.


Who played defence in the Blitz game?

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Could be 2-2 after Pies games


Why not? Any half-■■■■ weekend/weeknight warrior does over an hour easy.

if ever there was a thread for ivan this is it.


No we don’t accept this for a second.

Collingwood would not have to fill the gaps of missing players if they got it. The AFL comp has to cater to the quarantine period.

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AFL screwed us during the saga and are screwing us again.

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■■■■! I was too busy fuming on the Carlton game, I missed that it would also impact the Collingwood game on the Friday night.

Get ■■■■■■!! Why have all that talk on their being a flexible fixture then?!

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They are talking about moving Friday v pies.

Fox footy were all over it. To the Monday.

Training is hard but not impossible jf its the back six. They train together in iso.



The Age reported on Sunday Mason Redman, Michael Hurley, Cale Hooker, Adam Saad, Jordan Ridley, Matt Guelfi and Marty Gleeson were all part of a smaller group who trained with McKenna indoors on Friday.

So our backline can be:

McGrath BZT Townsend
Francis Ambrose Tppa

  • Fantasia and Laverde forward (for Tippa and Townsend)
  • Clarke or Hibberd in the midfield (for McGrath)
  • Zacka helps out the backline rotation

Zaharakis to captain?