Team versus Sts - R21 of 2018


Being a late out is the kiss of death in this team.


Coming off a loss, season over, playing bottom side and… no changes.

Fk me have we not got any kids we can take a look at in the last 3 rounds of what is junk time of the season?


Feel sorry for Dea. Guess McNiece is a better size match? Sorry that Guelf is not ready- will be good to have him back v Tigers.


Read the ■■■■■■ team selection article on the website. Prick. You and all the other coitus heads who bag our players just drop dead.


Steady on old chap.


Friday night footy with Troy Pannell and Jacob Mollison. Fark me. Why do I put myself through this?


No, I am sick of it. If you bag your own team you are just a dribbledick know nothing.


He made a joke about Trav’s Trade value which is possibly quite close to nil, so you think he should die?


There is only one matchup I want to see tomorrow night. Francis vs Carslile.


Not in actual fact die. You haven’t told someone to drop dead before? It’s a very ordinary thing to say to coitus heads. It never fails to astonish me that there are so many on here that know it all and far better than the selection panel. Absolute joke.


What about the ones that lose their sheizer over not very much at all?


So you have never bagged your team, a player, a coach, a committee member…who are you mother ■■■■■■■ Teresa?


No changes makes Blitz goes all Lord of the Flies


Jesus christ… Settle down people.




Last week GWS beat Carlton by 100+ and Melbourne beat Gold Coast by 90+.

That’s what good teams do to weak teams. They slaughter them. Not every time, but every so often. We haven’t slaughtered anyone this year.

I’d like to see a 100+ point win.


@BarkerBomber is right though

So often people lose their ■■■■ when see team selection without going and watching Woosh’s selection vid or reading the EFC article quoting him.

And it’s usually all spelled out there

F$&?!!!kkk this club where’s Guelfi?


Coments like these are so boring, why barrack against Essendon players, like him or not he actually played well last week. Seems like some people just say dribble like this to back up past comments.


how am i barracking against Essendon players?

I made a joke about his value on the trade table.

As for you BarkerBomber, eat a bag


Well Redman is injured and I think Ridley got injured early last week. Can try Zack but do you drop hooker or Hurley? Is there anyone else?