Team versus Sts - R21 of 2018


No Changes.

B – McNiece, Hurley, Zaharakis
HB – Saad, Goddard, McKenna
C – Fantasia, Z. Merrett, Parish
HF – McGrath, Brown, Baguley
F – McDonald-Tipungwuti, Hooker, Colyer
R – Bellchambers, Heppell, Myers
I/C – Langford, Francis, Smith, Stringer
Emergencies – Clarke, Leuenberger, Laverde, Dea

Round 21 - Essendon vs St Kilda @ Etihad (10/8 7:50pm) - anticipation and speculation
Round 21 - Essendon vs St Kilda @ Etihad (10/8 7:50pm) - anticipation and speculation

Imo, the North game is the critical one, if they were to lose, it’s back on.


Dea is stiff. No reason to be dropped.



not often you see a team that has lost go into the next week with No Changes

Got to hand it to Colyer, he must have some great pictures


TomBell should get a rest against a new ruckman. I noticed nankervis is having a rest, we should do the same.


Settled line up again.


No, he kicked a goal.

Hopefully pumping up his trade value


so he goes from being worth a small pack of twisties to a regular pack now?


Colyer was good last week


Dea should be back in. Puts his body on the line, picked the next week to play, late withdrawal (fair enough if he’s not right) and the bloke who takes his place doesn’t warrant being selected again IMO. What about Guelfi?



He played well. All game. Does not deserve to be dropped. And actually gave us one last chance.


yeah nah. He turned the ball over constantly. Just because he kicked a late goal to give us a sniff doesn’t mean he should still be in the team



Agreed but it was only by less than a kick.

On Colyer, he came in for Guelfi who still
sick and Trav was actually pretty good last week I thought. Best game for year and far from our worst.

One thing for sure wing is his spot if he plays. Really has no clue when playing small fwd.

Guelfi would cover that wing defensively far better though. Including dropping back to help across half back.


agree with this 100%. Has played his best footy on the wing, up forward he looks totally lost


I am not really a fan of Colyer but he wasn’t as bad as you are painting. I assume Guelfi is still sick.


Guelfi not even an Emergency. WTF?


The assumption is that he is still unwell.

RIP Guelfi


Crowey said he was still really struggling with gastro carry over early this week. Was never going to get up


Thanks guys. Missed that info.